March 4, 2019

User Adoption Increasing with Smart UI in OpenText Content Suite 16 EP5

OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM customers that TerraLink have upgraded to OTCS 16 EP5 are seeing increased system use with the new smart user interface providing simplified access and improved usability. Role–based views are popular with users who want to zero in on their most relevant content. What started out as just a need to have their production system not be on an unsupported platform – that will not be updated or have patches released, has become a productivity gain for these organizations.

OpenText previously announced that Content Server 10.5 is transitioning to ‘sustaining maintenance’ phase of its product lifecycle on March 1, 2019. Key for organizations is making sure their integrations and business processes will keep working post the technical upgrade. TerraLink has worked closely with organizations to plan their upgrade including how to incorporate valuable new functionality to increase process efficiency and user adoption as part of the upgrade to their OpenText system, integrations and key business processes.

In addition to productivity, this vital upgrade ensures business continuity is protected. It maintains the timely and efficient flow of content across your enterprise, prevents silos from developing, and ensures all stakeholders have access to the most update information wherever they are based.

First introduced in April 2016, Content Suite 16 extends content deeper into the business process and simplifies how users interact with content. Seen as a major advance in ECM, its importance has become even more apparent with the recent announcement on the fate of Content Server 10.5.

The release of EP5 has only strengthened Content Suite 16, making it an even more attractive proposition by improving both usability and performance. Businesses upgrading to the latest system are benefiting from:

  1. Easy use and adoption, with a modern role–based tile user interface being intuitive to use, providing a personalized experience, and channeling relevant content to individual users.

  2. Enriched collaboration through new Connected Workspaces features that connect content, data, people and tasks, as well as integration with SAP Graphical User Interface (SAPGUI).

  3. Enhanced capabilities, with a comprehensive out-of-the-box and ready-to-use functionality optimizing the customer experience and employee engagement.

  4. Tighter security, with controls for managing information data assets and ensuring compliance across both structured and unstructured information.

  5. Excellent support and flexibility, with Extended ECM now able to be deployed on HANA DB and S/4HANA supporting on–premise, hybrid and cloud environments.

  6. Increased integrations with SAP Fiori UI and Permission Management based on SAP Data that are designed to simplify doing business and streamline processes across the enterprise.

While content is the foundation of today’s intelligent and connected enterprises, a trusted ECM/EIM solutions supplier is also critical.

For more than 25 years, TerraLink has helped organizations implement and upgrade both cloud and on-premise IT solutions focused on stability, scalability and innovation. We now have more than 600 employees working from nine offices across North America, Asia, MENA, and Eastern Europe.

We are experienced in delivering tailored solutions to clients in a range of industries, including oil and gas, telecommunications, banking, chemicals, and retail, and have been an OpenText Platinum partner since 2009.