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Automate document and business process management with TerraLink and Microsoft SharePoint solutions. Stay on top of your business with key insights using Microsoft BI and Power BI

We develop solutions based on various Microsoft technologies, specializing in projects using the MS SharePoint platform and building analysis systems using Microsoft BI tools.

Our team of certified developers has implemented hundreds of projects including corporate portals, business process automation and document management systems, as well as other business applications for medium and large companies across a variety of industries.

We focus on the development of technically complex, customized solutions that most effectively solve and fulfill your business requirements and goals.

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Financial Archive on Microsoft SharePoint

Chief benefactors

Cross-industry solution for finance departments

You need this solution, if:

  • The company has a large flow of financial documents
  • There is not a well-organized structure for storing the documents
  • Finding the necessary documents is time consuming
  • There is no electronic archive of documents
  • Data should be manually entered into the ERP system
  • The company has several divisions, each of which has its own accounting department


An electronic archive of financial documents designed for scanning and processing documents with subsequent storage in MS SharePoint. The average possible number of scanned documents per week is more than 10,000. 

The following types of documents are processed in the system:

  • Certificates of Acceptance
  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Payment details (based on the contract)

The electronic archive stores information about the physical location of the document and its movements. This simplifies the search for original documents and ensures secure storage.


  • Automation of scanning of financial documents
  • Generation of different types of barcodes for stream document processing
  • Verification and approval of the documents' completeness and correctness of document attributes with the ability to comment and save comments history
  • Automated verification of document attributes based on the information from the ERP system
  • Ability to add documents to a specific archive file
  • Registration of all scanned documents in the archive


  • Convenient and quick search for any requested document
  • Increased speed of document processing
  • Control of actual receipt of goods and services by responsible persons
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved response time to potentially problematic documents
  • Guaranteed security of documents
Enterprise Portal on Microsoft SharePoint

Chief benefactors

Large and medium-sized organizations across any industry
Users: HR departments and all company employees

You need this solution, if:

  • The HR department time is consumed solving routine tasks
  • The company has a complex organizational structure
  • Searching for information in documents is time consuming
  • You have challenges with the development and retention of personnel
  • Employees have substandard productivity levels 


TerraLink offers the development of an enterprise portal based on MS SharePoint, the leading and most functional platform for supporting self-service and the streamlining of HR processes.

The enterprise portal contains a set of useful pages and services for employees that allow them to access the necessary services within the company. These include:

  • Information pages - about the company, mission, values, management, news, reference books and libraries
  • Corporate services and pages - requests for office supplies, printing business cards, booking meeting rooms, corporate phone books, and up-to-date organizational structures
  • Divisional services:
    • For HR – vacation calendar, recruiting requests, references checking
    • For IT – service desk, requests for profile updates and accesses
    • For marketing – requests for souvenirs and printing services, catalogs of marketing materials
    • For legal – requests for contract preparation and reviews, statutory documents
  • Social services and communication – corporate and divisional forums, polls, blogs, contests
  • Smart searches – Google-style hints, search on the portal, file servers, databases, third-party systems


  • Informing employees about company news
  • Organization of staff motivation programs
  • Preservation of expertise in a single knowledge base
  • Capturing new ideas and getting feedback from staff
  • Automation of company-wide routine processes
  • Integration with accounting systems and office applications

Additional services from TerraLink

  • Enterprise portal audit
  • Adaptive design, redesign, and usability improvement of the existing enterprise portal
  • Technical support of enterprise portals
  • Migration of portal solutions to newer SharePoint versions
  • Portal migration to the cloud (Office 365)
  • Designing a portal in the cloud (Office 365)

Business benefits

  • Increasing the employee engagement index to 80-90%
  • Optimizing the HR department’s productivity
  • Enhancement of staff competencies
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Development of horizontal and vertical communications
  • Efficient collaboration between employees
Field Sales Team Management using Microsoft SharePoint

Chief benefactors

Companies with a field sales unit or a team of promoters, such as:

  • Perfume and cosmetics industry
  • Banking and insurance sector
  • Beverage and fast-moving consumer goods companies
  • Manufacturers of medical and health products
Users: marketing and sales departments, HR departments

You need this solution, if:

  • A large number of employees are customer- or supplier-facing, including vendors, promoters, medical representatives, consultants, etc
  • Field vendors and consultants work on different schedules
  • Employees move frequently within a city or between cities
  • Sellers and promoters specialize in different products and services, so they attend different training sessions, and training can take place during working hours. This information should be taken into account when drawing up a summary schedule of field workers.


The field sales team management system on MS SharePoint platform is designed to structure information, organize, and monitor the work of field workers. 

The system manages three aspects: 

  • Shift schedules and employee time-tracking
  • Employees distribution by Sales points
  • Training schedules
In the field sales team management system, a planned schedule is automatically generated and the total working hours are calculated at the end of the month. Work schedules are automatically sent to the employees. Employees are also informed through the system about changes in the schedule. The solution allows you to generate reports for management and subcontractors.

The solution has customizable workflows for convenient and quick approval of changes in work schedules. 


  • Maintaining a single database of all field employees
  • Formation of a consolidated schedule for all points of sale
  • Calculation of planned and actual working hours
  • Creating and editing individual schedules
  • Automatic generation of a consolidated work schedule for all employees in the fields
  • Timely informing employees about changes in work schedules by e-mail
  • Generation of reports for management and retail outlets


  • Save time preparing and coordinating employee work schedules
  • Interactivity: making changes and receiving confirmations online
  • Retail outlets are staffed regardless of changes in circumstances
  • Accurate time tracking for transparency in financial payroll calculations
Company Knowledge Base on Microsoft SharePoint

Chief benefactors

Manufacturers, industrial groups, mining companies, interconnected factories

Users: HR, technical specialists, engineers

You need this solution, if:

  • You have several production sites, each of which uses unique technologies and certain know-how
  • Workers, engineers and technicians have unique expertise related to their specialization
  • Expertise and technologies are documented partially or not described at all
  • Industrial facilities and employees do not share best practices and production expertise


A system for creating and maintaining a technical expertise called ‘Knowledge Base’. The solution is implemented on the MS SharePoint platform. It consists of three modules:

  • People – This module collects, analyzes, and evaluates the knowledge of all employees of the company. Process experts and their successors are also identified.
  • Processes – Unique processes and critical steps are identified. All information about the equipment used, modes and production cycles is stored electronically.
  • Equipment – Data on the equipment and its characteristics is stored and maintained, including the statuses detailing if the equipment is available or loaded, and which processes it is used in.
To keep expert information, critical process steps, and available equipment up to date, regular evaluations are necessary. In each module, you can set up an audit recurrence interval and the process will start automatically. 

The knowledge base has customizable workflows and integrates with existing IT systems and enterprise directories. 


  • A step-by-step review of production processes, related equipment, documentation, and metrics
  • Recording technical information and technological expertise in a centralized electronic archive
  • Search automation and identification of key stages in technological processes
  • Sharing experiences and scaling best practices
  • Benchmarking, technical audits, identification of bottlenecks in technological processes
Business benefits

  • Retaining technical expertise in the company
  • Increasing intellectual capital
  • Creating an expert community and developing a mentoring system
  • Easy search of critical and useful information
  • Efficiency improvement of technological processes and equipment
  • Increased efficiency of management decisions due to timely receipt of information from reports

Automated P2P Procurement System on Microsoft SharePoint

Chief benefactors

Service and retail companies with a large volume of purchases for internal needs.

Users: Finance, procurement or purchasing departments

You need this solution, if:

  • Your company has a significant amount of purchases, such as computers, stationery, souvenirs, etc
  • The approval of purchase orders and payments may take a very long time
  • You spend a lot of time planning your payments
  • Contract negotiation with suppliers slows down the procurement process significantly

‘Purchase to Pay’ is a complex solution for purchasing automation on the MS SharePoint platform. It includes several modules:

  • Budget control
  • Purchasing management
  • Approval of purchase orders
  • Approval of payment requests
  • Negotiation of contracts with suppliers
  • Treasury automation with regard to the expenditure part of the cash flow budget, control and planning of payments

The ‘Purchase to Pay’ system solves the tasks of all participants in the procurement process.

Payment initiators and procurement managers

  • Initiation and approval of the purchase order
  • Online document processing, status tracking, control of document changes, confirmation, requests for additional information, etc

  • Processing of payment requests (registration of facts of receiving services / goods and closing documents, payment requests approval, transfer of information to ERP system for registration and making payments)
  • Budget control with procurements linked to planned and actual budgets, expense items, types of budgets, spending limits with the ability to generate operational reports
  • Two-way integration with the ERP and budgeting systems

  • Management of purchase contracts (creation, registration, approval, receipt of scanned copy of the signed document, repository storage)
IT administrators

  • Flexible adjustments of approval processes with the help of the visual editor
Business benefits

  • Automation of all business processes and procurement procedures
  • Increasing transparency in the procurement process
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Control and monitoring of payment and delivery deadlines
  • Reduced paperwork

Automation of the Proposal Bid Process using Microsoft SharePoint

Chief benefactors

Cross-industry solution for companies that regularly conduct bids and proposals for products and services

Users: Purchasing and finance departments

You need this solution, if:

  • Your company often releases bids / tenders
  • Reaching internal agreement on terms and conditions and releasing a bid or a tender are time consuming
  • Reviewing supplier proposals and decision-making process can be delayed by months

TerraLink offers a comprehensive modular solution for automating bid procedures on the MS SharePoint platform. The system supports both open and closed tenders. The modularity allows you to get only the functionality you need:

  • The main module supports publishing a bid / tender and its conditions, as well as monitor its status at each stage of the process
  • The analytical module contains an algorithm to identify the best offer for meeting the established criteria
  • The ‘Suppliers’ module adds enhanced functionality for interaction with suppliers
  • The integration module with the ‘Purchase to Pay’ solution allows integrating the tender process into the procurement automation system (Purchase to Pay)
The solution can be deployed in the cloud, which means minimal or no infrastructure maintenance costs in ensuring additional information security while working with new suppliers.


  • Transparent mechanics to select the best supplier
  • Integration with the ERP system for loading a directory of suppliers and types of purchases
  • Retaining all information about purchases and suppliers in the system
  • Supplier classification based on the relationship history
Business benefits

  • Purchase of products or services at an optimal cost
  • No duplicate purchases
  • Reduced time for approvals and negotiation
  • Maximum flexibility in procurement procedures
  • Analysis of past purchases allows optimization of future costs
  • Integrated planning and execution of procurement activities

Reporting and Analytics on Microsoft Power BI

TerraLink’s reporting and analytics solutions are powered by Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform, creating a set of tools that enable organizations to make decisions based on reliable information from both internal and external sources.

To aid understanding, all data is transformed into attractive visual representations. Business Intelligence solutions help you monitor your situation and make informed and timely decisions.


  • All business data available from a dashboard
  • Visual, interactive reports
  • Built-in visual elements for displaying information on different devices
  • Consistent analysis across the organization

Business benefits

  • Increased transparency and control
  • Reduced time to prepare reports
  • Improved quality of management decisions thanks to reliable information
  • Online performance monitoring

For finance departments

  • Planning and control of budget management
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Consolidation of financial statements
  • Analysis of supplier payment histories
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

For sales and marketing

  • Real-time evaluation of the implementation of plans
  • KPI analysis of sales managers
  • Sales managers’ bonus calculations
  • Analysis of sales by products and services across business units and territories
  • Monitoring sales dynamics and identifying seasonality
  • Demand forecasting
  • Analysis of consumer behavior trends and patterns
  • Analysis of promotion activities and identification of the most effective sales channels

For production and logistics

  • Inventory management and control
  • Tracking of delivery terms and analysis of suppliers
  • Formation of optimal production plans
  • Operational supply management

For HR

  • Assessment of the company's attractive qualities for potential candidates: level of activity, competitive offers, employee satisfaction
  • Recruitment process KPIs: number of vacancies per recruiter, percentage of external candidates, turnover rate, speed of filling open positions
  • Personnel succession planning: percent of employees and vacancies in the succession plan, quality of succession options, quality of succession training, worker efficiency
  • Planning and provision of training: training coverage, number of training hours per employee, percent of mandatory training

Project Business Intelligence on Microsoft Power BI

Project Business Intelligence is a solution for the data analysis of activities in your company’s projects. It brings together project data and financial indicators, automates data collection, and creates interactive reports on demand. It consists of:

  • KPI system, with visualization of key performance indicators available from the web or mobile application
  • Dashboard, providing visualization of project data from all data source systems
  • Multidimensional reports based on the familiar Excel interface

You need this solution, if:

  1. Project activities are not aligned and matched with financials:
    • Project execution is not linked to contractual or payment schedules, so there is a risk of working without having properly signed agreements.
    • You lack understanding about which projects are profitable and which are not, and to what extent.
  2. Your data is fragmented:
    • Project data and payment receipt data is stored in different silos, such as CRMs, billing, ERP and project management systems.
  3. Reports are prepared manually, with preparation taking a long time and subsequent reports being static:
    • Reports cannot be made on urgent requests and may contain errors due to human factors.
    • Detecting changes requires manual comparison of reports across different periods.


  • Set of KPIs and color visual graphics
  • Rich data visualization capabilities in Dashboard format
  • View reports through a web interface or mobile application
  • Variety of details are possible in the reports: time range, customers, breakdown by revenue/costs/contracts, execution dynamics (see how ‘Work In Progress’ changes from the beginning to the end of the period)
  • Predefined reports and ability to create reports on the fly
  • Drilldown with advanced Excel interactive reports
  • Integration with SharePoint 2013/2016/2019
  • Configurable role-based security model

Business benefits

Reduced risks associated with erroneous or late decisions:

  • Management has information on major project KPIs 24/7, even on a smartphone.
  • If necessary, you can go to the dashboard interface and see the picture in more detail, assessing the dynamics of the projects in the context of internal costs, compliance with deadlines, and receipt of payments.
  • Project managers can have an online overview of all their projects.

Log Tornado - Analysis of SharePoint logs on MS Azure

You need this solution, if:

The SharePoint farm is experiencing errors that cause downtime for business-critical applications.  Errors are difficult to quickly identify and correct for several reasons:

  • Logs are stored in text form, which makes it difficult to find the information you need
  • Logs contain many entries united by one Correlation ID
  • If a SharePoint farm is located on several servers, then logs are created on each
  • When problems arise in the operation of the SharePoint farm, it is difficult to trace the dependence between changes in settings or the installation of new solutions and errors in the logs
  • Lack of information about current load on servers
The lack of functionality for log and error analysis in SharePoint leads to the following:

  • Possible financial losses due to downtime of SharePoint solutions and applications 
  • Time-consuming searching and filtering of required records that create a delayed response to errors

Log Tornado is a solution for analyzing logs and errors. Provided as a cloud-based subscription service, it is implemented on the Microsoft Azure platform with the following components included:

  • Azure Log Analytics (OMS) for data transfer, storage and different clients’ data isolation
  • Azure Blob storage for long-term storage
  • Elasticsearch or Log Search API for search and visualization

  • Collection, storage, and analytics of SharePoint logs
  • Viewing and working with logs in the web-interface: search by attributes, export to Excel
  • Statuses for events. Configuring notifications for events and their statuses by email and SMS. Receiving email or SMS notifications on events with a certain criteria.
Business benefits

  • Reducing the risk of services’ downtime, resulting in increased profits
  • Timely and regular receipt of up-to-date information about the performance of SharePoint servers
  • Prompt identification and elimination of errors in SharePoint

Workflow Analytics. Process Analysis using Microsoft Workflow on MS Azure

Workflow Analytics is designed for users of Microsoft SharePoint and the built-in Workflow service.

You need this solution, if you:

  • Lack information on the effectiveness of business processes
  • Cannot track data on the achievement or deviation of key performance indicators (KPIs) for business processes
  • Suffer from slow execution of workflows
  • Lack built-in analytics for workflow processing in Windows Workflow

Workflow Analytics analyzes the effectiveness of business processes. It is provided as a cloud service on a subscription basis. Based on the Microsoft Azure platform, it includes:

  • App Service for Web API (uploading workflow data to Azure for further analysis)
  • SQL database for storing operational data
  • Machine learning to predict process completion times
  • Power BI embedded for building dashboards
  • Azure Blob storage for long-term storage

  • Detecting deviations by key performance indicators of business processes
  • Identifying duplicate business processes to optimize operating activities
  • Determining the process steps where delays occur
  • Identifying the most active users (employees and departments) of workflow services
  • Displaying the overall picture for all processes and all departments

Business benefits

  • Evaluation of a department’s or a specific employee’s performance
  • Making decisions to optimize business processes based on real data
  • Identifying actual need in existing or additional IT solutions
  • Summary information about current business processes and links between them

SharePoint Usage Audit - Analyzing the behavior of SharePoint users on MS Azure

SharePoint Usage Audit is designed for companies with an enterprise portal based on Microsoft SharePoint.

You need this solution, if:

  • It is not clear how employees use the enterprise portal; how often, which departments are most active, or which pages are most visited
  • It is difficult to track which portal services they use and which they don’t
  • The main page opens by default, but you don’t know if employees read and use it

SharePoint Usage Audit analyzes user behavior on the enterprise portal. It is provided as a cloud service available on a subscription basis. Based on Microsoft Azure platform, it includes:

  • API Applications - to collect information
  • BLOB Storage - for long-term storage
  • Data Factory - for processing and aggregation of data
  • Azure SQL - for storing processed and aggregated data
  • Power BI and Web Applications - for data visualization and generating reports
Business benefits

  • Measuring user engagement on the enterprise portal
  • Displaying data in a simple visual form
  • Tracking visits to the portal by type (direct referrals, referrals from other sites)
  • Heatmaps of the portal pages
  • Tracking actions on the portal within a single page, including:
    • File downloads 
    • Link clicks
    • Number of pages viewed per visit
    • Duration of visit
  • Monitoring of goals and their conversions
  • Ability to create custom reports with different views:
    • Activity by division or by department
    • Service usages
    • Number of pages viewed by time period
    • Number of users by time period
    • Used web browsers
    • Referrals to the portal by source


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