Employee Document Management from TerraLink: The Easy Way to Reduce Costs and Maximize the Value of Your HR Team

Is your HR department caught between manual and digital ways of working, losing time to cumbersome and tedious administrative paperwork and failing to maximize progress on your larger strategic objectives?

The pressure on modern-day HR departments has never been greater. Whether it is securing the services of your industry’s top talent, developing a strong internal culture with all employees, or simply supporting high performers as they execute their duties, the need for efficient, organized and high–quality HR support is crucial.

But without the best systems in place, even the most dedicated HR teams will struggle to achieve their full potential. Time will be wasted manually searching for employee documents, trawling through your office’s files and folders to find the information they need. Paperwork requires sorting, filing and cross–checking against electronic data in your dedicated SAP HR solution. Incomplete and lost documents become increasingly hard to identify. And the security and confidentiality of important employee documents can quickly be jeopardized.

One repository for all HR documents

TerraLink’s Employee Document Management solution, which builds on the functionality of the OpenText™ Extended ECM platform, seamlessly integrates with SAP® SuccessFactors®. It delivers 360° access to all employee files and information, securely housing unstructured employee content and providing extensive search capabilities in a simple, easy to understand environment.

All master data and statements, as well as any printed documents, are displayed in a clearly organized folder structure – eliminating laborious searches and creating a transformed HR department that can shift the majority of its time away from administrative tasks and instead focus on your company’s wider goals.

What are the common challenges of employee document management?

The management and delivery of an efficient and effective HR operation poses several challenges. First, working with paper documents enhances the risk of duplicated, missing or incomplete documents. HR teams faced with the prospect of manually generating and distributing HR documents will also lose significant hours to a process that carries inherent risk of inconsistent or poor–quality messaging.

Where systems are in place, they are often outdated. Maintaining these, purely in the pursuit of business continuity, is often impractical and expensive. And with modern–day HR functions becoming increasingly complex, adhering to national and international regulatory compliance can be a bewildering process.

What can TerraLink’s Employee Document Management solution achieve?

TerraLink’s Employee Document Management solution provides a comprehensive set of services and facilities to busy HR departments, significantly reducing the burden of administrative work. Its enhanced search facility has the capacity to drastically reduce the time spent searching for documents, while its fully digital processes can reduce storage costs associated with paper document filing and the ongoing maintenance of outdated legacy systems.

Through the automatic generation and submission of documents and letters, the employee document management platform also accelerates and simplifies communication with employees, candidates, and contractors.

  • Document duplication can be reduced by a factor of 20.
  • Enhanced search capabilities deliver increased productivity, with documents found up to three times quicker.
  • Paper documents can be replaced entirely, accelerating your organization’s shift to a digital workplace.
What other benefits are available to TerraLink Employee Document Management users?

HR teams that have installed TerraLink’s employee document management system can rapidly move towards a paper–free environment for all employee documents. They can benefit from fully–automated audit trails and document version control. Legal holds can be placed on essential documents. And for global HR teams, personnel files can be accessed from anywhere in the world – eliminating the need for ‘paper tourism’, which can inadvertently lead to lost documents.

User experience has also been paramount during the build and delivery of the platform. The modern web interface allows users to naturally browse through documents, while thumbnails enhance the potential for quick and easy file navigation.

TerraLink’s Employee Document Management solution can also:

  • Ensure automated regulatory compliance by identifying missing, incomplete or outdated documents and providing fully customizable reporting.
  • Provide a centralized, secure repository for employee documents that can be found, tagged and filed from a single interface that allows the rapid retrieval of all necessary information.
  • Reduce the burden on HR team members by enabling employees to directly upload any required documents via a self-service portal that even offers mobile access.
  • Quickly produce offer letters, employment contracts, compensation plans and more based on predefined templates.

Why Choose TerraLink for Your Employee Document Management System?

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