Realize Reduced Costs, Increased Document Controls, and Verifiable Compliance with Enhanced Engineering Document Management

Does your energy, engineering or construction business struggle to effectively manage the vast amounts of drawings, specifications, and multi-party collaboration involved in major capital projects?

With hundreds of millions of dollars tied up in these programs, the consequences of inconsistencies can lead to costly project overruns and delays. Perhaps you have already been forced to pay contractual, legal, and environmental health and safety damages. Maybe you have experienced senior workers holding expert knowledge that is not uniformly transferred across all engineering activities. Or perhaps the increasingly stringent international regulatory environment might have exposed your inability to accurately and transparently track operations across a project lifecycle.

TerraLink document control solutions, leveraging the OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering technology, manage the complete information management cycle while providing critical insight and oversight of the capital project.

Extended ECM across the asset lifecycle

These issues are just a handful of the myriad of challenges faced by leaders in the energy, engineering and construction industries.
Introducing TerraLink’s engineering document management solution

TerraLink’s engineering document management solution, which is based on the OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering platform, provides an accessible source of information and single repository of truth for control managers, engineers, engineering leaders and external collaborators.

Furthermore, the manual management of vast numbers of documents on modern projects is now a task so fraught with difficulty that it inevitably heightens the risk businesses face. But with TerraLink’s engineering document management solution, the manual processing of documents is consigned to the past.

What are the common challenges of engineering document management?

During the agreement, completion and delivery of major engineering projects, there are a range of potential pitfalls and risks facing all stakeholders.

Processes lacking in consistency and control can invite safety and compliance failures and increase the likelihood of failing to meet contractual obligations. Wrong versions of documents sent out for review and mark up the wrong subcontractors. Without proof of who has done what and when, it can also be challenging to achieve payout events such as completion milestones and handovers.

Inefficient systems and processes can pose a significant risk to the scope, schedule and cost of highly complex projects, with delays potentially becoming a major issue if engineering teams are unable to quickly access to the information they need, when they need it. Missed deadlines can lead to delayed invoicing. Maintaining communication across international borders with a range of stakeholders, both inside and outside your organization, is paramount to the success of any major engineering project.

What can TerraLink’s engineering document management solution achieve?

TerraLink’s engineering document management platform improves the ROI and pace of projects by enabling accelerated exchanges of information and quick, simple and secure collaboration with colleagues around the world. Customers have gained the insight to be able to track and manage Project Profitability.

Persona-driven dashboards and streamlined processes provide a smarter, more efficient way of managing, controlling and accessing information, completing work and controlling risk. And by taking advantage of the platform’s extensive range of integrations, including Dassault® SOLIDWORKS®, Bentley® MicroStation®, AutoDesk® AutoCAD® and Revit® 3D, engineering professionals can utilize a range of tools without unnecessary complications.

This pioneering engineering document solution also quickens the initial stages of a project via its best practice configuration templates.

  • Approval cycles can be completed up to three times quicker thanks to targeted progress notifications.
  • The automatic handling of all transmittals has helped some TerraLink customers complete an entire project with zero lost documents.
  • Software license expenditure can be reduced by up to 80% by harnessing the full capabilities of BRAVA technology for web-based CAD file viewing and commenting.
  • Customizable permission settings on all documents can help to ensure guaranteed process compliance.
What other benefits are available to TerraLink engineering document management users?

TerraLink’s engineering document management solution is designed to help coordinate, manage and execute even the most complex engineering projects. With SAP for Plant Maintenance integration, production revenue can be accelerated while the ease of the system – and the speed at which your team can quickly access engineering information, complete work processes and control risk – means your business’s staff productivity could receive a significant boost.

It can also:

  • Enhance collaboration ability by delivering an easy platform using transmittals and version tracking on which to share large volumes of content with both internal and external parties.
  • Strengthen your ability to defend against litigation by providing detailed audit trails that track who did what and when.
  • Encourage operational excellence by providing customizable best practices and standardized approaches.
  • Reduce costs by shortening the time to project completion while simultaneously reducing execution risk.
  • Support compliance efforts by automatically enforcing document naming and numbering standards.
  • Project Oversight with accurate reporting and status for each milestone.

Why Choose TerraLink for Your Engineering Document Management System?

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