Expand Your Knowledge with TerraLink's OpenText Academy

Give your team the knowledge and skills they need to deliver world-class OpenText projects. Enrol your specialists with OpenText Academy and watch their education and development soar.

No more roadblocks. No more awkward silences. OpenText Academy ensures you have the internal resources to tackle any major OpenText project and face the future with confidence.

Designed to educate specialists working in any sector, OpenText Academy is perfect for:

  • Project managers
  • ECM practitioners and project offices
  • OpenText consultants and analysts
  • IT administrators

Each student gains deep knowledge of working with OpenText solutions, enabling your team to effectively manage systems and customization requests to suit the short-, medium- and long-term needs of your business.

Why Choose OpenText Academy?

Register for an OpenText Academy course and your employees will learn in depth how to use OpenText software.

They'll cover everything from navigating the main aspects of implementing OpenText software through to working with office applications and integrating with external systems and user software. They'll also get a deep understanding of installing and configuring OpenText solutions.

Courses can be taken online at a time that suits you. So whatever stage of your project is causing you challenges, the answer is here.

Key Benefits

Join TerraLink's OpenText Academy and feel the benefits immediately.

  • Create an independent team of in-house experts ready to serve your business now and in the future
  • Increase your implementation efficiency by giving your users all the knowledge they need to embrace new OpenText solutions
  • Improve the effectiveness of your current OpenText projects with best-in-class training for your consultants

Service Features

Training organized to suit your needs

Courses on the TerraLink OpenText Academy contain both theoretical and practical learning and are available as both distance learning (ideal for corporate teams) and scheduled seminars (ideal for individuals).


  • How systems work
  • How to manage content
  • What logic is laid down
  • Understanding the relationship between system operations and settings
  • Putting into practice a solution's specific settings


  • Exercises and settings in a 'live' training system
  • Knowledge exchange through networking opportunities with OpenText solutions from both TerraLink and other companies

Distance learning

  • Designed for corporate teams of up to five people
  • Training completed on set dates
  • Train on either your system or a real OpenText system
  • Cost per group

Scheduled seminars

  • Designed for individuals (participants will train alongside others from different companies)
  • Training completed on set dates
  • Train on a real OpenText system
  • Cost per person

5 Reasons to Book with TerraLink's OpenText Academy

With more than 25 years' experience, TerraLink is a trusted partner around the world. Companies like yours choose us so they can:

  • Work with motivated, experienced professionals
  • Take advantage of certified simulators and bespoke courses
  • Enjoy full control with online reporrts, schedules, and issue-tracking tools
  • Benefit from complete system documentation and knowledge transfer to internal and support teams
  • Access ongoing maintenance and support from TerraLink's expert implementation team

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