Simplify and Accelerate Internal Processes with TerraLink

TerraLink ECM Mobile is a robust mobile application designed to streamline content management processes, providing users with convenient access to critical business information anytime, anywhere.

Why Choose TerraLink ECM Mobile

Perfect for organizations already using or implementing OpenText Extended ECM Platform, our mobile app seamlessly integrates with existing systems, expanding the potential of OpenText without requiring additional licenses.

You get full electronic content management functionality within the comfort of a mobile app.

Key Features:

Manage Key Business Parameters: Access and manage crucial business parameters anytime, anywhere, directly from your mobile device.

Complete Approvals and Sign Documents: Expedite decision-making processes by completing approvals and signing documents on the go. Delegate tasks and assign stand-ins effortlessly.

Online and Offline Modes: Enjoy seamless access to your content whether you're connected to the internet or offline, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Create and Edit Documents: Create and edit documents directly within the app, eliminating the need for additional software or tools.

Real-Time Document Access: Search for documents and access reports in real-time, keeping you updated and informed no matter where you are.

One Solution, Multiple Devices

Solution Functionality

Easy Integration: Seamlessly connect to your OpenText installation with just a few taps.

One-Tap Decision Making: View and make decisions on documents with minimal effort, enhancing efficiency.

Seamless Transitions: Experience seamless transitions between interfaces for a user-friendly experience.

Add Handwritten Notes: Optionally add handwritten notes or comments to documents for enhanced collaboration.

Document and Task Generation: Generate documents and tasks directly within the app, streamlining workflows.

Easy Navigation and Offline Access: Navigate folders and save documents for offline access with ease.

Full-Text and Document Card Search: Search for documents and content using full-text search capabilities for quick retrieval.

Covers key ECM system functions while offering scalability

Push Notifications: Stay informed with instant alerts on new tasks and updates.

Document Approval and Signing: Expedite decision-making with on-the-go document approval and digital signing capabilities.

Document and Request Generation: Create and submit documents and requests directly from your mobile device.

External System Integrations: Seamlessly connect with external systems for enhanced productivity.

Data Processing: Perform data processing tasks within the app for increased efficiency.

Document Viewing: Access and view documents with ease, even while offline.

Cross-Platform Support: Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms for maximum accessibility.

Any functionalities of OpenText can be integrated into a mobile interface

  • Organizational Documents and Correspondence Management
  • Internal Requests Management
  • Task Management
  • Employee Dashboard
  • Corporate Portal
  • HR Document Management
  • Contract Management
  • Financial Documents
  • Procurement Docflow
  • Meetings and Sessions
  • Board Management
  • Project Docflow
  • Plant Maintenance Docflow

Why Use a Mobile App?

Functional Benefits

Ongoing Performance Monitoring: Monitor the performance of content management processes in real-time, enabling proactive decision-making and optimization of workflows.

Simplified Decision Making: Streamline decision-making processes with features for document signing, request submission, and quick access to essential business documents.

Offline Access to Corporate Content: Ensure uninterrupted access to corporate content, even in low-connectivity environments, enabling employees to remain productive while on the go.

Quick Dashboard/Report Access: Instantly access customizable dashboards and reports, empowering users with actionable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Automated Real-Time Notifications: Receive automated notifications for new tasks or updates, ensuring timely responses and improved task management efficiency.

Approval History Tracking: Maintain a comprehensive approval history directly on the device, facilitating transparency and compliance with organizational policies.

Convenient Stand-In Assignment Process: Facilitate seamless task assignment to alternate personnel in the event of absences or emergencies, ensuring continuity of operations.

Measurable Benefits

Faster Decision Making: Expedite corporate-level decision-making processes by up to 8 hours, resulting in improved agility and responsiveness.

Lower Workload for Secretaries: Reduce the non-essential workload for administrative staff, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks and strategic initiatives.

Minimized Risk of Document Loss: Mitigate the risk of document loss or misplacement by centralizing content management and ensuring secure access to critical documents.

Lower Labor Costs: Optimize resource allocation and reduce labor costs associated with manual report generation and management tasks.

Optimal Workload Distribution: Ensure equitable workload distribution within business areas, maximizing resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Full Legal Compliance: Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, safeguarding sensitive information and protecting against legal risks.

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