Extended and Integrated Core SAP® and Non-SAP Applications

Enjoy easier upgrades and lower maintenance costs by keeping core applications clean from custom code. Access additional functionality through in-app and side-by-side SAP® extensions. And build enhanced business processes with third-party integrations.

Wherever you are on your SAP® journey, you'll likely have unique requirements not supported by standard functionality. Whether you're a long-time SAP® customer planning to migrate to SAP S/4HANA® or just starting with SAP®, we'll help you understand all the key issues.

  • What is the best architecture and which toolbox will be required to deliver appropriate and reliable extensions?
  • Which approach should you follow to deliver apps and extensions quickly and effectively?
  • How can you ensure seamless integrations with third-party applications?
A globally trusted technology partner, TerraLink's process and functional expertise delivers best-in-class custom solutions to your critical business needs. From app development through to extending and integrating standard applications with the power of SAP® Business Technology Platform (BTP), you'll get support, guidance, and innovation at every step.

Key Benefits

Leverage the power of modern SAP® technology platform services to transform your business.

  • Innovate with machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and low-code development
  • Keep your core SAP® applications clean from custom code
  • Benefit from simple and intuitive user interfaces (UI)
  • Scale your custom app workloads with flexible cloud platform capacity management

Service Features

As part of your SAP® implementation or migration project, we'll harness SAP® BTP and other powerful tools to deliver the high-quality extensions, custom applications and integrations needed to drive your business forward.

  • Application development — Resolve your biggest challenges and develop a significant competitive advantage with custom apps and intuititive UIs that leverage technological innovation in your strategic business processes.
  • Application extensions — Fill critical gaps with bespoke implementations that go beyond standard SAP® functionality.
  • Integrations — Develop end-to-end integration flows between your SAP® applications and third-party systems and platforms.
  • WRICEF development — Unleash the potential impact of on-premise development of workflows, reports, interfaces, conversions, enhancements, and forms.

Why Choose TerraLink?

Digital transformation is about so much more than simply configuring software and solutions. True transformation embraces process and organizational changes. Incentive programs are developed for personnel driving forward innovative projects. And the mentality, habits and approaches to work of your employees are fundamentally altered.
Our model uses six levers to achieve powerful transformation programs:

  • Prioritizing enterprise value and change management
    Each transformation program is focused on well-defined objectives. Professional change management helps to realize the benefits for all program stakeholders.

  • Industry expertise
    More than 25 years of experience, especially in asset-intensive industries, help us implement industrial best practices for common processes and design and deliver bespoke solutions that unleash your competitive advantage.

  • Product knowledge and technology insights
    We design, implement and integrate your systems based on the latest product and technology stacks for enterprise resource and content management.

  • People focus
    Enabling your team is key. We develop intuitive and easy-to-use solutions, task dedicated deployment teams to produce user guidelines, and train your users during the system ramp-up process.

  • Delivery capacity
    Choose from English or local languages when you work with our delivery centers in our regions of presence.

  • Program, project and service management excellence
    Read our case studies to get all the confidence you'll need about our ability to deliver on time, on budget and on spec.

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