What we do

Our customers aspire to be excellent, dynamic and efficient organizations, and we enable them to achieve it. Using world-class talent and technology we automate their business processes, implement solutions to manage and secure their business content and communications, and enable great work and decision making.

TerraLink provides consulting and implementation of business solutions like enterprise content management, workflow and business automation, resource planning and financial management, and builds and supports the enabling IT infrastructure for collaboration and communication.

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SAP Cloud and On-Premise Solutions
Transform your business, accelerate, optimize and automate your organization from top to bottom with TerraLink’s SAP Platinum Partner experience, agile approach, and SAP’s best practices in over 20 industries.
Enterprise Content Management with OpenText Content Suite and OpenText Documentum
The right information in the right place, managed, secured and driving organizational and personal productivity.
Enterprise Portals and Business Automation with Microsoft SharePoint
Maximize your return on your Microsoft investment and delight customers, employees and partners by using SharePoint and Azure to automate business processes and enable collaboration and access to information.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Eliminate tedious processes, reduce overheads and accelerate business efficiency with the world-class Robotic Process Automation solutions delivered by TerraLink’s globally experienced team of experts.
Oil & Gas Domain Solutions
Rely on our 15 years of experience with automating and optimizing the operations of some of the world’s largest resource companies to provide outstanding results in your oilfield transformation programs.
Exclusive Talent
You need the best people to build and maintain the systems that power your growth. But finding, selecting and engaging talented consultants and engineers is time consuming and unreliable.
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