OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite

Accelerated processes and guaranteed compliance. With an OpenText ECM and Oracle E-Business Suite integration, all your content is consolidated, governed, and securely stored.

Information processes and structured data are essential to modern business success. With OpenText™ Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite, your team accelerates its access to business object data and supporting insight from related documents and emails. You'll achieve peak operating efficiency. And for those outside the Oracle environment, content and processes are available through their own ECM interface. So things have never been easier, whatever your objectives.


Remove worries about information governance, security, and compliance with the OpenText ECM Content Suite Platform. Whether it's structured process data or unstructured and critical business content, your operations are guaranteed.

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched productivity for Oracle E-Business Suite users
  • Increased efficiency for all users working with business content, both inside and outside Oracle EBS
  • Improved accuracy from digitalization, process automation, and latest content version supply
  • Guaranteed policy and legal compliance for all information inside and outside the ERP system
  • Decreased risk and increased ability to respond to investigations and discovery requests
  • Cost-effective, secure and flexible storage options for content inside and outside the ERP system

Service Features

Comprehensive ECM: OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite enables users to quickly and easily manage all content associated with business objects. It also facilitates the easy management of transaction-centric content. Built on the foundation of OpenText ECM, it delivers the productivity, compliance, and reduced costs and risks you'd expect from the OpenText Content Suite Platform. Add-ons and applications within the OpenText Content Suite can be used to provide email management, engineering document management, transmittals, mobile and file sync, sharing, and more.

Business Workspaces: Bring everyone together through one simple platform. Users within and outside the Oracle EBS interface can work with transactional content, documents, and emails housed in the OpenText ECM system. Simply set-up a Business Workspace associated with the transaction and provide access to all relevant users.

Universal access to all content: Life is easy for Oracle EBS users. They can work within their native interfaces, including EBC, the Oracle Application Framework/HTML, or professional forms-based interfaces. For non-EBS users, ERP data and related content is accessilble through browser, desktop, office applications, mobile devices, CAD, and other business applications.

Information governance: With OpenText Content Suite, you've got the ECM foundation for effective information governance of all content inside and outside your ERP system. Everything is managed in accordance with your corporate policy and compliance regulations, ensuring optimal collaboration and process efficieicny. Security and access control to all content is managed within the system, while costs and risks are simultaneously reduced.

Classification and archive: Get the information you need, whenever you need it. Information is automatically understood, classified, and allocated an appropriate retention schedule. Content is stored and archived securely and cost-effectively for as long as required. And when content needs to be removed from the system, it can be deleted with defensibility built in.

Discovery: When investigations or legal cases occur, information is readily available. Content can be searched or examined at speed, put on hold during live investigations, and later reviewed and reduced using an eDiscovery add-on.

Foundation for future applications: Enjoy an ideal platform, complete with APIs and developer extensions, for creating applications and solutions that are extensions of the ERP and tailored to your exact requirements. Project management, purchasing, and HR processes such as retention management are just some of the possibilities that could help you improve efficiency across your business.

Why choose TerraLink?

Our Oracle EBS consultants and developers have worked alongside our certified OpenText consultants to deliver more than 20 Oracle EBS projects. Each project has involved OpenText integration with EBS modules, including financial, procurement, and asset management modules. We've even handled custom modules built by our customers. So whatever solution you need, you can trust in our team to deliver it.

  • More than 200,000 global users benefit from TerraLink ECM solutions
  • A team of 200+ skilled professionals are ready to implement your solution
  • The average TerraLink team member has 11.4 years’ experience
  • TerraLink has been an OpenText™ Platinum partner since 2009
  • Our portfolio includes both cloud and on-premise implementations
  • Guaranteed stability, scalability and innovation

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