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For almost 20 years, TerraLink has been bringing value to oil and gas companies by implementing and enabling digital solutions across the oil and gas value chain. Our global work crosses the oil and gas sectors including upstream, gas, midstream, refining, chemicals/petrochemicals and distribution.

We focus on understanding the operational and corporate challenges and needs of each of our customers and the development of efficient and effective responses that lead to better decision making, raising corporate value and Business Process Optimization. Our work has benefitted organizations from the C-Level down to Production, Drilling and Process Control staff working in the field.

TerraLink today is a trustworthy partner of global brands like: SAP®, Microsoft®, OpenText™, Documentum™, OSIsoft®, Oracle, IBM, HP, Kofax and others. As a result, we guarantee stability, scalability and innovation.

Award-Winning Team

Our 700+ experienced consultants (350+ SAP® certified) combine three pillars of knowledge: Technology (SAP®, OpenText™, OSIsoft®, others), Functionality (Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, others) and Industry (Upstream Drilling and Production, Gas Management, Process Control, Distribution, others) to be able to provide support to drive enterprise information strategy, innovation and advise on the most effective path for each situation.

TerraLink has been a trusted partner to some of our customers for more than 15 years providing ongoing varied services. This is clear testimony to the value that TerraLink brings to each customer and the individual tailoring that is made to meet the needs and challenges of the oil and gas industry and its customers regardless of size and geography.

As a result, TerraLink is proud to have received the coveted SAP® partner with “Recognized Expertise in Oil and Gas”. Proof that TerraLink is relied upon to not just to deliver efficient and effective implementations, development and integrations for our customers around the world but to drive business strategy and innovation.

TerraLink Solution Technologies

TerraLink’s recognized team of proven experts deliver projects using world class technologies across the oil and gas value chain such as: Enterprise Resource Planning, Information Management, Production Solutions, IT Security, Digital Technology Project Management and Support.

Oil and Gas Value Chain

TerraLink Innovation

As part of our focus on responding to the challenges and needs of the oil and gas industry, TerraLink has invested in developing innovative tools and solutions that lead to better decision making, raise corporate value and optimize business processes. These innovative solutions include Drilling Incident Management, Drilling Well on Paper (DWOP) Support, Robotics for Drilling, Predictive Maintenance, Machine Learning for Equipment Failures, Upstream Field Activity Management, Remote Operating Centers and Field Ticketing.

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