NCOC Implements a Unified HR Services-Oriented Automated System by Leveraging SAP Solutions

Executive Summary

NCOC NV (North Caspian Operating Company) needed a unified system with easily accessible and meaningful data for HR process optimization. By implementing SAP® SuccessFactors® and SAP® HCM with TerraLink support, the company has obtained a solution for HR service management.

Customer Business Challenges

NCOC NV, the operating company for the North Caspian Sea Production Sharing Agreement and the largest offshore oil and gas producer in Kazakhstan, needed a single unified ecosystem for HR services. HR processes in the company were siloed, and many operations were performed manually. There were no self-service tools for employees, and all actions required HR administrator participation. Salary reviews and bonuses calculations and payments were coordinated via email. Recruiting processes were also carried out manually and via email. The company did not have an opportunity to review and analyze data, which affected the quality of work. For example, training sessions for specialists were conducted without assessing employee competency data.

The company needed to move to a next generation HR system, enabling it to automate manual processes and consolidate all data into a single platform. In addition, NCOC wanted to provide its employees with individualized experiences and self-service functionality. Furthermore, the company intended to get data-driven insights into the workforce, investigate trends with people analytics, and use powerful analysis to improve strategic workforce planning.

TerraLink's Contribution

TerraLink helped NCOC to implement solutions based on SAP® products. SAP® SuccessFactors® and HCM were used to automate HR processes such as Performance and Goals, Visa and Work Permits, Recruitment and Onboarding, Personal Administration, Workforce Planning and Analytics, Compensation and Payroll, and others. SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee Central was used to create a single HR services delivery system. By using the SAP® SuccessFactors® Learning Management System, the company was able to conduct HR training activities aimed at filling specific knowledge and skills gaps in current positions and focus on its future roles.

Customer Business Outcomes

The HR transformation supported by TerraLink allowed NCOC to manage talent through a unified system with shared data, giving managers the ability to analyze data about each employee, evaluate their performance at any time, and make strategic decisions on promotion, training, and other goals. NCOC’s employees appreciated the HR processes’ transparency, simplicity, and ease of use.

Salary reviews, visa arrangements, and work authorization management have been automated thanks to SAP® solutions, which reduced manual operations by 15-20%. Resources were freed up for analytical and strategic work. Covering 100% of employees at the goal-setting stage, employee interactions were simplified by the automated system, which helped to significantly optimize the HR processes. As a result, 90% of the outdated tools were decommissioned. In financial terms, the new system allowed NCOC to save up to 40% of its infrastructure support budget, reduce HR support costs by 30%, and cut HR analytics and reporting costs by 10-15%. NCOC is planning to further develop the project.

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