EDM system transforms HR processes in telecommunications industry

Executive Summary

A leading telecommunications company needed to fully digitize its hiring process. As a part of this project, it planned to implement digital signatures for 10 types of hiring documents. The company implemented an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system based on OpenText eXtended ECM version 16.2.0 and eliminated paper documents from the hiring process.

Customer Business Challenges

A leading telecommunications company chose to take its hiring process to the next level by eliminating 100% of paper-based files and processes. The company was already using the OpenText solution, so the team decided to add new features to the existing system. The solution needed to support an electronic signature for all employees and ensure the exchange of electronic documents between the employer and a new hire at all stages of the hiring process.

TerraLink's Contribution

For the benefits of the EDMS to be fully realized, TerraLink started with a deep analysis of all documents and business processes involved in the hiring procedure. During this analysis, the project team found several document types were no longer in use. These were eliminated. Then the team divided the remaining documents into types and decided which ones needed to be digitized.

The project team also implemented electronic signature features. All documents with signatures are stored in an electronic repository, with permission controls based on the users’ roles in the hiring process. Thus, the new document management system provided access control and permission management, ensuring authorized employees had access to the right documents at the right time in accordance with their access rights.

Customer Business Outcomes

As a result of the project, the HR department gained the ability to hire new employees remotely by using electronic signatures and exchanging electronic documents. In addition, the new hiring process not only runs twice as fast as before but also saves approximately 30 sheets of paper per new hire. The new capabilities enabled the company to hire 1,000 new employees within six months.

Currently, the system covers the company’s headquarters, 10 branches, and a shared services center. It supports 40,000 users. The customer especially appreciated the system’s benefits during the pandemic, when the HR department was able to hire people without visiting the office.

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