Connecting Operational, Transactional Functions in the Quote-to-Installation Process Chain

Executive Summary

A leading manufacturer struggled with disconnected or inefficient interdepartmental business and transactional content processing in the Order-to-Installation process. TerraLink’s solution supports the focus on customer engagement, streamlined outcomes, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Business Challenges

The company made large investments in key business platforms - namely Salesforce, SAP, and Astea - but it still didn’t have an ECM solution that would enable cross-functional business processing. Information was not connected to business processes. For example, documents such as orders, contracts, quotes, or invoices were disconnected from Salesforce. The company struggled with fragmented or inefficient interdepartmental business and transactional content processing, such as when employees had challenges with processing orders because they did not have access to the customer contracts they needed. Disconnected work also resulted in multiple copies of the same content appearing in different systems.

Key business functions (sales, order management, service fulfillment) in the overall Quote-to-Installation process were siloed. As a result, employees did not have access to the right content at the right time. These content inefficiencies, in turn, contributed to a lower level of customer service. In addition, it was necessary for the field service technicians to make available saved field images to the customer/service records.

TerraLink’s Contribution

TerraLink supported the company in its implementation of Extended ECM for SAP with OpenText, which enabled the sharing of business and transactional content across the customer’s key platforms as well as the connection of content to the Offer-to-Install processes. Employees received a single version of business content, including documents and images. The solution maximized the investments in Salesforce, SAP, and Astea, providing users with access to a shared workspace in the native applications whenever they needed it. Another important new feature was the ability for field technicians to access and capture key customer documents via a mobile application. Furthermore, the company was able to store content securely and maintain compliance with corporate standards.

Customer Business Outcomes

The company gained a seamless Order-to-Delivery process that supported the focus on customer engagement. Employees got real-time access to a structured, single source of reliable information and a 360-degree overview of customers, their products, projects, and maintenance programs. This allowed employees to find the information they needed rapidly and make quick and effective decisions. It also reduced the cost for data storage. As a result, the solutions have improved the overall efficiency of business processes and the quality of customer service.

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