An alcoholic beverage company optimized planning processes with SAP solutions

Executive Summary

A leading alcoholic beverage company lacked synchronized planning processes and struggled with inefficient collaboration across business units. This affected the quality of work and hindered growth in net profits. TerraLink implemented a solution based on SAP IBP, SAP CPI-DS, and SAP Jam to create an integrated system for efficient planning and forecasting. As a result, the company improved productivity and gained a view of the planned net profits.

Customer Business Challenges

The company had a sales and operations planning (S&OP) process in place. However, each department performed its part of the job using its own metrics and templates and relying on its own sources. The company needed to combine these processes and increase overall efficiency. It also wanted to move to more detailed planning and start calculating financial metrics more accurately.

The customer set the following goals for the project: achieve better quality of the planning process, focus on increasing net profits, strengthen control over material flows, and improve collaboration between all S&OP members, including sales, marketing, logistics, procurement, and finance.

TerraLink's Contribution

TerraLink offered a solution based on SAP IBP, SAP JAM, and SAP CPI-DS. The cloud-based SAP IBP solution made it possible to create an integrated plan, reducing inconsistency between departments. The system supports rolling sales planning. Users can aggregate data by working with the familiar MS Excel interface. The business planning process became more efficient by integrating different plan types, including long-term demand forecasts, rolling sales plans, and promo plans.

SAP CPI-DS ensured data collection and transfer. SAP Jam structured and simplified internal communications and also supported a single repository for working documents.

Customer Business Outcomes

The new solution helps to provide more detailed planning and expand the planning horizon. It also gives a view of the planned net profits at any stage of any process. The solution provides both business process building and quick and transparent calculation. As a result, 200 users gained substantial time savings. In addition, planning time reduced, conversion of quantitative indicators to financial ones sped up, and the promo discounting decision-making process became more transparent.

This project achieved a corporate award as the best project of the year in the category of operational efficiency improvement.

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