A spirits producer improved the quality and speed of BI with SAP Analytics Cloud

Executive Summary

One of the leading spirits producers needed a new data analytics system to handle the increased number of key performance indicators (KPIs) caused by the growth of its business. TerraLink implemented SAP Analytics Cloud, which enabled the company to get comprehensive analytics with enhanced visualization capabilities. The company deployed business intelligence (BI) for a range of key indicators, reduced manual work, and provided managers with remote access to reliable data.

Customer Business Challenges

The leading spirits producer had challenges with conducting detailed and ongoing analysis of sales data, which included 58 key performance indicators. Since the alcohol market is complex and demand depends on various factors, the company had to manage a large amount of data while considering many factors, such as the location of products on the shelf. The quality and speed of such analytics were essential for sales and marketing activities, as well as for making tactical and strategic decisions.

Another challenge for the company was the multilevel reporting system. Based on the analyzed information, employees had to generate daily reports on the company’s general operations, weekly reports on secondary sales, and monthly reports. To generate all these reports, employees needed tools for comprehensive and rapid analytics. The company also had problems with data compatibility during report preparation, because in addition to internal data, employees received information from external sources such as statistics offices.

Since the amount of data was constantly increasing due to the company’s business growth, the previous analytical system could no longer manage such a workload. So the spirits producer decided to move to a BI system that could handle the company’s growing needs.

TerraLink's Contribution

TerraLink implemented SAP Analytics Cloud, which transformed the analytical processes of the leading spirits producer. The company chose this SAP solution because of its high speed of operation, extensive visualization capabilities, and excellent compatibility of data from different sources. Other benefits included scalability by adding new modules, as well as rapid deployment.

At the project’s first stage, the project team selected and added into the system its 12 most important KPIs, including sales data, cash flow, shipment reports, and product availability. At the next stage, the company added all the remaining KPIs. The implemented solution allowed employees to quickly analyze large amounts of data from different sources and provided them with a wide range of visualization capabilities. It also enabled the company to get a tailored analytics and planning system that met the unique business requirements of the organization. The project was completed in four months.

Customer Business Outcomes

The BI system improved the speed and quality of analytics and eliminated human error from the reporting process. Now employees have instant access to all the reports from any device. The solution has allowed managers to analyze a large amount of data, identify hidden insights, and generate reports while preserving the accuracy of data. In addition, the new system improved the decision-making process by offering easy access to up-to-date visualized business intelligence. This means that employees can act on relevant information immediately with confidence to increase overall business efficiency.

The company is planning to expand the system by adding all the key indicators and adding new modules, including a predictive analytics module.

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