June 18, 2019

The Under-Appreciated Human Impact of Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions have long been advocated for their ability to quicken processes and reduce costs. However, viewing an ECM system only through those lenses misses a key point, because an ECM system does not just bring direct monetary benefits to your business. It also has a major impact on staff morale and job satisfaction, leading existing staff to stay longer in their current roles and saving businesses potentially significant sums in avoided recruitment processes.

Imagine if your role involves searching for and finding information every single day. Complications, delays and inevitable frustrations soon arise when a company stores its information in different siloes. Can you be sure that the information you have found is the most up-to-date that the company holds? Have you found all the relevant information you need to answer your customer’s time-sensitive issue? And have you been forced to manually search through paper documents or file shares simply because your enterprise’s existing systems are not up to scratch?

Now consider the scale of improvements in productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction that can be delivered through the digitization of both structured and unstructured content in a single ECM system. When every member of the staff across a business can quickly and effortlessly access information through any device, knowing that they will see the most up-to-date version and that an audit trail of all changes is being automatically created, the needs of employees, customers and suppliers are all met with unprecedented speed.

ECM systems have the power to literally transform your business operations. In fact, a Forrester study of enterprises using a SAP ECM system found “each organization gave Forrester an account of discovering value so great that they were reluctant to calculate a financial amount”.

Across a range of tasks, from invoice processing and employee document management to contract and legal case management, extended ECM solutions can be the key to unlocking both your short-term and long-term ambitions.

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