February 15, 2023

TerraLink enters Uzbekistan’s IT Park

Leading global IT service provider TerraLink will upskill and develop a new bank of specialist Uzbek IT professionals after taking offices at the Technological Park of Software Products and Information Technologies (IT Park) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

TerraLink began its residency in February 2023 and will use its new base for the preparation of the local specialists needed for its external and internal projects. The specialists will all receive extensive training on ERP systems, system configuration approaches, and programming languages.

Ruslan Mustaev, CEO of TerraLink Uzbekistan, said: “Residency in IT Park gives us the opportunity to participate in Uzbekistan’s leading IT initiatives and attract local specialists to our staff who can improve their skills and contribute to complex projects in foreign markets. This is a hugely exciting development for us, and we look forward to seeing the results over the coming months and years.”

IT Park was founded as a high-performance hub that can create competitive and promising software products, expand outsourcing services to foreign countries, and improve the overall quality of critical software products.

More than 1,000 companies are already based in IT Park. Their services range from the design, development, and implementation of software products through to the implementation, support, and audit of information systems.

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