March 27, 2019

Lowering the Cost of Application Ownership with OpenText Brava!

Over the last few years, TerraLink has successfully used the annotation features of OpenText Brava! to lower the cost of application ownership for several clients. This technique, which maximizes the power of Brava! by taking it beyond its core redaction capabilities, has also been examined in Work Faster and Save Money, a recent OpenText blog post.

Among others, TerraLink customers have used the web annotation feature of Brava! to annotate and markup engineering drawings, maps, schematics, contracts, and reports among other use cases. Here are two examples of how Brava! has helped leading enterprises to transform their business operations.

Document control for an oil and gas company

During the document control process, a leading oil and gas company had multiple versions of literally thousands of documents to be reviewed, changed, and approved. Each document had to be passed both inside and outside of the company.

Rather than purchasing costly CAD software for every user, TerraLink recommended Brava! as a way of viewing engineering drawings and easily annotating them for further changes or review.

External reviewers, such as clients, vendors, and contract engineering firms, were also able to use the viewer, providing a common format for those not using CAD software.

Contracts and legal documents for a retail and distribution company

The legal department of a retail and distribution company used Brava! to support the reviewing of contracts and other documents by multiple departments, including operations, accounting, sales, IT, and executive management.

This enabled different custodians to collaborate on the documents while still keeping track of any changes being made. The ‘Track Changes’ facility in MS Word becomes almost unusable when more than two people are working on a document. However, with Brava! this issue is solved – saving countless hours of review and reducing the risk of incorrect language being added to the contract.

When used to its full potential, Brava! is an incredibly powerful tool.