December 3, 2019

It’s Not about Paper – Intelligent Capture Drives Business Advantages

"We didn’t know that could be done."
"Can we do the same with our supplier contracts?"
"That is fantastic!"

What has wowed and elicited these expressions? Company data processers seeing the transformational impact of intelligent capture enhancing their productivity and performance. ‘Seeing is believing’ with how new business content being processed with auto-classification and indexing combined with machine learning has transformed the way their work is done.

Recently an Oil & Gas midstream operator with help from TerraLink implemented new processes for contracts and expenses that utilize intelligent capture capabilities from OpenText products to automatically find, extract and classify key information from complex and variable documents based on data extraction rules that recognize pattern types of words and other document identification options. Augmented with validation rules to correct the context and format of the captured data, the incoming unstructured and structured documents have become data directly consumable by back-office applications.

Automating the addition of metadata and classification has increased the accuracy and efficiency of Legal and Financial business processes that require actions based on the captured content.

Learn how OpenText Intelligent Capture can drive business advantages for your organization when implemented by the TerraLink Document Capture and Automation experts. To transform how your organization uses data to drive key business processes and achieve efficiencies, contact us at