April 20, 2021

Eliminate Human Error and Expedite Key Business Processes

Is your business overwhelmed with information? Emails, faxes and paper documents arrive by their thousands every day – in different formats and at varying levels of quality. So how can you possibly hope to integrate all that unstructured data into a central storage system with 100% success?

Traditionally, it has fallen to personnel staff to manually enter any relevant information into your system. But the sheer quantity of data, coupled with human fatigue, means costly errors are inevitable – leading to extra work cycles, processing delays, customer service issues and cost overruns.

TerraLink’s Document Capture solution, which is based on the OpenText Intelligent Capture platform, provides an automated solution for what was previously a time consuming and error ridden manual process. Document Capture and Management combines sophisticated recognition technology with human quality checks and automated workflows. It collates and organizes data from different sources quickly and automatically, making it directly consumable by your back-office applications and instantly eliminating the errors, costs and delays associated with manual data entry.