TerraLink Presents: The Power of Connecting Information to the Business Processes

Join us at OpenText World EMEA 2022 on 21-22 June! TerraLink is an Turbo Session Sponsor of the conference. We are glad to announce our presentation “The Power of Connecting Information to the Business Processes”.
Learn how two companies, one in commercial services and the other in chemicals, used their digital transformation initiatives to achieve sustainable business process automations by connecting data and transactional content to cross-departmental business processes.  Powered by innovative solutions designed by TerraLink and deployed using the OpenText Extended ECM platform, these two companies realized significant and sustained business value in key business streams.

June 20–22, 2022
 During this session you will learn how two companies envisioned a streamlined and inter-connected approach to doing business through digital transformations.  The commercial services provider sought to connect the sales quote operations to the back-office sales order then to the service order and service order fulfillment.  The chemicals company needed to implement safe-guards in their maintenance work order management processes. Both achieved their digital transformation objectives through connecting the data and attaching it to the business processes for the operational applications they had already made significant investments in.  The take-a-ways from what these companies learned and achieved that will be shared are essential for any organization embarking on reimagining how inter-departmental business processes can be done sustainably.

Join us at OpenText World EMEA 2022

The Power of Connecting Information to the Business Processes

Extended ECM & Content Suite track

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Brian Lee
Vice President - ECM Americas