Webinar. Drive Growth and Mitigate Risks by Reimaging Commercial Banking

Our commercial banking customers tell us that today's economic and regulatory uncertainty, volatility and complexity is putting their institutions under tremendous pressure to improve their responsiveness to constant change.
December 14, 2021
8:00 AM
Joint webinar with Rocket Softwarе

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Opening commercial banking accounts is a significant event for both the customer and the banking institution. Digitally transforming and optimizing this process presents challenges as institutions must address how they assess risk, prevent fraud and comply with regulations while delivering seamless and engaging customer experiences. While complex and challenging, the opportunity to transform the self-service onboarding experience and the continuous monitoring of accounts is ripe for reimagination to drive growth and mitigate risks with the technical advances in hyperautomation and data authority services.

Join this interactive session with Doug Johnson, VP of Product Management at ASG Technologies; Brian Lee, VP of ECM at TerraLink Global; Kyle McNabb, Sr. VP of Product Marketing at ASG Technologies; Brenda Vaughn, Senior Solutions Architect at TerraLink Global; and your and your peers to learn how your institution can reimagine commercial account onboarding and continuous monitoring through an eight-step modernization of the integrated onboarding and risk management processes. Modernizations that will:

  • Increase your onboarding completion rates
  • Lower your cost per new commercial account
  • Comply with KYC, AML, PEP, CDD and other regulations
  • Highlight new upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Instill a risk-managed approach for compliance and fraud prevention

Are you in the early stages of exploring how to modernize your institutions commercial onboarding, continuous monitoring, and risk scoring? Contact us so we can send you more information or answer your questions. 

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Brian Lee
Vice President - ECM Americas