Join us at OpenText Enterprise World Toronto 2019!

Join us at OpenText Enterprise World Toronoto 2019! TerraLink is an Emerald Sponsor of the conference and will hold two breakout sessions and a formal invitation-only reception event on the evening of Wednesday July 10, 2019.
July 8–10, 2019
Canada, Toronto

OpenText Enterprise World is a global event, bringing together industry leaders to exchange best practice, discuss key business trends and build networks in a relaxed environment. Over the course of 72 hours, leading organizations like yours can gather full guidance on how to achieve the maximum economic impact from automation and digital transformation.

Booth 251

As an Emerald Sponsor, we’re looking forward to welcoming to you our booth 251 TerraLink’s delegation of experts will be available to advise you on a range of enterprise operational and transactional business solutions. You will also be able to attend TerraLink’s two breakout sessions, in the Content Services track on the subjects of "Engineering Document Control" and "Capture Optimization".
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Breakout session "xECM for Engineering – Gaining Insight and Oversight of Capital Projects"

Content Services track
Thursday, July, 11,  9:40 AM

Room 709

Large, long-term, complex projects are the reality most companies live in. They involve many departments, vendors and subcontractors, and customers. Delivering capital projects successfully is all but impossible, with Document Control and communications tracked manually. Find out how some companies use OpenText xECM for Engineering Records to automate process, connect vital systems, and gain insight into all aspects of the project: approvals, changes, effort, efficiency, cost, and profitability.

  • Bret Kimmel, Sr. Director, TerraLink
  • Evgeniy Kuchiyash, Business Development Director, TerraLink
  • Jim Dodds, Services Director, vdR Group
  • Customer

Breakout session "OpenText Capture – It’s Not About Paper"

Content Services track
Thursday, July, 11,  2:10 PM
Room 711

When people hear “capture”, they think of scanning paper. But capture is really about process automation. Capture is the ingestion engine that grabs documents, digital or paper, pulls valuable information from them, and starts processes in motion. Attend this seminar to find out how companies are using OpenText Capture (Captiva and Capture Center) to transform their companies and help make the Intelligent Enterprise a reality.

  • Bret Kimmel, Sr. Director, TerraLink
  • Evgeniy Kuchiyash, Business Development Director, TerraLink
  • Brenda Vaughn, Capture & Integration Guru,TerraLink
  • Chris Rynear, ECM Manager, EnLink Midstream (OpenText Customer)