October 2019

Hello and welcome to this latest edition of the TerraLink newsletter, packed with insight and information to help your enterprise prepare for or continue its digital transformation journey.

Wherever you are in the world, robotic process automation (RPA) is becoming increasingly popular. Our first read in this month’s newsletter looks at the benefits RPA can deliver, including lower costs and increased efficiency. It also reveals the three-step methodology powering our own RPA solutions.

Another area where technology can deliver significant savings and efficiencies is document capture. Despite the advance of internet communications, businesses still receive a daily deluge of unstructured documents. Read our full guide on TerraLink’s document capture solution to see what improvements you could make.

If you’re involved in an engineering enterprise, you’ll be familiar with the frustrations of unforeseen costs and delays. Systematic document control provides a significant improvement in management processes, so don’t miss the full details on our engineering document control solutions.

Finally, we’ll look at the human impact of enterprise content management, including how ECM systems can positively affect morale and staff retention.

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