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Does this sound familiar?

  • Your organization already has a SharePoint corporate portal, but limited functionality prevents your business from reaching its full potential.
  • Your employees are reluctant to use the portal, preferring instead to stick with old-fashioned and inefficient processes.
  • Your portal’s uninspired design does not accurately reflect your values or brand identity.
  • You face daily frustration because your outdated version of SharePoint blocks you from accessing new tools or features.
  • You know you could achieve a higher return on your SharePoint investment – but haven’t yet been able to make progress.
  • You want to migrate your portal to the cloud, but the technical process is daunting and beyond your capabilities.

It’s time to update, reorganize and advance
your corporate portal

Exclusive solutions developed around your specific circumstances and needs.

End-to-end project delivery, from initial idea through to full implementation.

Customized design approach guaranteed to solve each of your challenges.

How could a SharePoint Portal benefit your team?

Human resources

  • Personnel management process automation and self-service
  • Management system for remote personnel
  • Company knowledge base
  • Corporate news and training catalogue

Finance and accounting

  • Budget control system
  • Primary documentation archive
  • Electronic document management system (EDMS)
  • Advance payment approval system

Sales and Marketing

  • Field sales team management system
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • KPI reporting (sales funnel, customer segmentation)
  • Multimedia content management system


  • Budget control tool
  • Tender process automation
  • Procure to Pay (P2P) automation


  • Contract negotiation process automation
  • Templates of legal documents and contracts
  • Translation request system


  • Scheduling meeting rooms.
  • Purchasing equipment and office supplies

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5 reasons to choose TerraLink

We only offer ‘smart’ customization

Lots of developers rewrite the standard SharePoint functions, leaving you with only the outer shell of the original platform. But this is a wasteful, expensive and unnecessary approach. Instead, we’ll show you how to squeeze everything out of the standard SharePoint capabilities and will only customize your platform when it is smart to do so. This saves you significant labor costs both now and in the future, and makes it much easier to switch to a new version of SharePoint whenever it is appropriate.

Our pricing is transparent

You can assess and track every dollar of your spend with our transparent hourly rates and labor costs for each specific task. If you’re suspicious of project valuations that don’t go into fine detail, and suspect they are adjusted to match your perceived spending capacity, our pricing models give you the chance to clearly understand where your money is being spent. It also opens the possibility of discussing and optimizing your estimate if necessary.

Our expertise is proven

Our team has worked with SharePoint since 2007, developing extensive experience in migrating legacy systems to newer updates. Whatever your needs, and however your organization operates, our knowledge can help you maximize your portal’s capabilities – and the resulting ROI.

Designs you’ll love

By default, SharePoint’s visual design is simple. But our in-house designers can match your portal to your brand identity, using their experience to explain exactly what’s possible (and what’s not!) thus helping you to entice more employees to use the portal once it is installed.

Solution integrations

SharePoint’s capabilities stretch far beyond traditional corporate portals and intranets. We’ll help you automate a range of business processes, including contract, purchasing and payment automation systems integrated with SAP or other ERP platforms.

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