Is your business struggling to ingest and automate the processes of electronic files and paper documents?

Achieve a ROI within 12 months
with Intelligent Capture

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Is your organization having difficulty
managing captured information?

PDFs, eForms, spreadsheets, word files, emails, faxes and paper documents arrive by thousands every day – in different formats and at varying levels of quality

Lack of consistency in third-party data making ingesting the incoming content and documents into existing business systems a major challenge

Manually inputting all information requires a significant investment in staffing leading to higher costs, human errors, processing delays, customer service issues, and extra work cycles

Invalid captured data disabling automated robotics and workflow processes

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It’s more than just the paper – How it works

TerraLink’s Intelligent Capture solution, based on the OpenText Intelligent Capture platform, enables key business functions and features.

  • Maintainable, flexible, and scalable digital technology solutions that generate a return on investment within 12 months
  • Advanced automatic separation, classification, and indexing processes with minimal user intervention
  • Innovative processes that learn and self-improve over time
  • AI enhanced Capture to Process enables intelligent workflows to drive productivity

What can your company achieve partnering with TerraLink?

Automatically find, extract and classify key information from complex and variable documents based on data extraction rules and AI

Determine and automatically correct the context and format of the captured data with validation rules (such as dates, dollar amounts, etc.)

Turn incoming documents into data directly consumable by your back-office applications in a variety of formats, including XML, CSV and IDOC

Ensure ongoing compliance with privacy, security and other regulations through automated workflows

Achieve up to 99.5% field level accuracy of your inbound documents and forms through the implementation of AI and machine learning algorithms

Receive a powerful overview of your most recent activity with monthly audit and exception reports

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Intelligent capture – fully-enabled

Fully-enabled intelligent capture is the key to optimize downstream workflows, robotic process automation, and application integrations.

Business benefits

Leverage adaptive recognition and classification

to analyze historical data and increase automation accuracy with advanced AI/ML solutions

Minimize the influence of the human factor

in the error control process

Automate control of data completeness

and correct paperwork

Reduce the execution time of key business processes

by switching to working with electronic images instead of paper documents

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Why TerraLink?

For more than 25 years, we have helped organizations around the world implement enterprise IT solutions focused on stability, scalability and innovation. We’ve completed more than 150 major ECM projects in seven countries across three continents, giving us an international perspective and enabling us to quickly determine the optimal solution to fit your circumstances.

More than 200,000 users benefit from TerraLink ECM solutions

A team of 200+ skilled professionals are ready to implement your solution

The average TerraLink team member has 12 years’ experience

TerraLink has been an OpenText Platinum partner since 2009

Our portfolio includes both cloud and on-premise implementations

Guaranteed stability, scalability and innovation

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