Helping Your People Grow Your Business

TerraLink offers multiple HR Solutions to help your people ensure that your business outpaces your competitors. Given our extensive experience in providing technology-based solutions for the HR industry, it is only natural that we have expanded the range of services on offer. These include training & motivation programmes, recruitment of technical staff (both temporary & permanent), coaching, employee assessment plus outplacement assistance in case of redundancy.

Training courses

Emotional intelligence (EI)

Why employees with greater EI are more successful and make better leaders. How DISC assessment really does make all the difference when put into practice.

Negotiation skills

Focusing on how becoming more convincing and assertive helps you to achieve greater results in both personal and professional situations. Exploring how to break out of one’s comfort zone.

Networking training

Why all forms of networking (for both front and back-office employees) are crucial for personal development and career advancement.

Change management, typically aimed at mid-to-senior level employees:

“In order to have something you’ve never had, you need to do things that you’ve never done before”. Become the change that you always dreamed of being.

Cross-cultural communication

Successfully dealing with all layers of people; colleagues, clients, prospects, partners, suppliers & even friends, of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures, using the 360-degree feedback model.

Sales training

Sell more, more often & to more people!


Permanent staffing: Allow us to present you with the most suitable people for your business. Save time, effort and money when you engage TerraLink, so that you only meet pre-screened, relevant, motivated candidates, allowing you to make a quick decision and bring the most suitable person on board to hit the ground running.

Contingency (success only) recruitment

We present you with CVs of potentially suitable people for you to interview. You pay only after your chosen candidate accepts your offer and joins your organization.

Executive search

We will map out the market on your behalf to identify and then directly approach pre-selected candidates. You will receive regular updates in the form of reports and a longlist of profiles before we reach the shortlist stage, then move to a formal job offer and placement. Candidates will be exclusive to you until you notify us otherwise – consequently, the executive search method offers the greatest chance of successfully filling your vacancy.

In both contingency recruitment and executive search, TerraLink offers a three-month guarantee. In rare cases when the candidate does not pass his/her probation period (in any cases except redundancy), we will replace the candidate free of charge.

Contract recruitment (outstaffing & outsourcing): ideal for both long and short-term projects

Avoid headcount issues and increase flexibility by payrolling staff on temporary assignments via TerraLink. We carry the risk providing people for your projects for only as long as you need them. There are no up-front charges, no placement fees, no employee benefits/bonuses, just one monthly invoice for hours worked. After 12 months you have the option of hiring any such contract staff to your firm at no additional cost (if you wish to do so).

Who and where we hire

TerraLink is able to handle most recruitment projects, from an individual requirement to an urgent, large-scale requirement for employees, both in large, urban centres and remote, unattractive locations. Our key focus is IT personnel in technical roles although we are also able to source candidates in positions such as project management, pre-sales, business development, engineering and account management.

Whilst our motto remains ‘hiring locally wherever possible’, we have extensive experience in cross-border assignments, combined with on-the-ground knowledge of ‘best fit’ for each geography. We also work closely with our clients to ensure timely deployment and can assist with relocation thanks to a network of partners.

Outplacement services

We offer a full outplacement service, helping former employees to transition to new jobs. Assistance is provided in the form of practical advice, training materials and consultative sessions with the aim of securing new employment. Outplacement is offered to employees who are being made redundant, regardless of the reason. The outplacement service offered can be tailored to individuals or groups at all levels, from blue collar up to CEO.

Losing your job is arguably the most stressful thing after death & divorce. As a part of their overall corporate image, companies are now understanding the importance and responsibility to their (soon to be) former employees, to help them to get back into work as seamlessly as possible.

Outplacement is offered in addition to any severance package. However, regardless of the size of the severance, this alone is insufficient in securing the person or people a new job. Companies owe it to their employees to swiftly assist them to return to employment. In the majority of cases, these employees will have given many years of loyal service to the firm and the least that their employer can offer them is a professional approach to a job search.

Outplacement begins with a career consultation, combining CV & cover letter writing, targeting the job market, interview preparation and techniques, leveraging and expanding one’s network and suggestions/recommendations regarding their social media profile. Additional guidance can be offered in the form of career evaluation (particularly if the person wishes to change industries, retire early, downshift, set up his/her own business or relocate) plus salary/package negotiation.

Industry statistics indicate that around 95% of participants found their outplacement programme to be useful. The majority of these also claimed that the programme was helpful in them finding a new job, either directly or indirectly.


Get the most – and best out of your existing people. Engage one of our experienced coaches to offer a combination of guidance, mentoring and advice, focusing on specific tasks and objectives to achieve your set goals. All coaching programmes are tailored on an individual basis and pre-planned (ie, there are no out-of-the-box solutions with coaching). Contact us to discuss how, where and when a coaching solution might be appropriate for one of your key employees.

Psychometric testing of employees & candidates

Making the wrong hire (either internal or external) is extremely costly, both in terms of time and effort. This is your opportunity to quickly and cheaply assess your existing staff, or potential candidates for your organization via a proven psychological measurement of individuals. You cannot pass or fail a psychometric test; this is all about what kind of person you are, what drives you, who you work well with and where your particular weaknesses are.

TerraLink offer a range of well-known tests, which can be offered individually, as a part of the recruitment process and or if your organization plans a complete operational review and company overhaul.

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