The definition of сontrolto have power or directing influence over. It took a pandemic and social injustices to make us realize how much we don’t control. Conversely, realizing what we do control has empowered individuals, teams, managers and whole organizations to change, re-think, and evolve in how they work, voice their opinions, and conduct their business activities.

This edition of Content Matters focuses on four areas where progressive enterprises and individuals are seizing control (or should I say ‘re-seizing’ control!): 

  • Using expert services to optimize content management systems to best support critical business operations with TerraCare
  • Enabling key processing efficiencies and automations through chatbots enriched with artificial intelligence and RPA capabilities
  • Achieving real business value through digital transformations with intelligent and autonomous workflows
  • Streamlining operations, improving decision-making, and empowering workers with effective management of corporate content

I think you’ll find inspiration and ideas in these articles. They show you where you can exercise control in the face of business uncertainties, disruptions and distractions.

Stay safe and well. Protect the vulnerable.

Brian Lee
Vice President ECM, North America