March 2020
The Coronavirus is having a truly social and business global impact. Possibly like you, right now I study the World Health Organization Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation dashboard every day to get statistical updates and view the spread of the virus. Not unlike running a business, having accurate and timely content with the ability to quickly visualize the data analysis is key for country leaders and health workers to understand and manage the Coronavirus situation. With concerns for everyone’s well-being and safety from the Coronavirus, we bring you the latest edition of the TerraLink Content Matters Newsletter.

With conversations across all major industries dominated by the Coronavirus, our focus is how to change and adapt to the resulting new business challenges. More than ever before, organizations that have digitally transformed their business interactions, processes and tools of collaboration have a significant advantage.

Just as the Coronavirus is confusing and challenging, bringing about digital transformation in your organization can be overwhelming. It’s natural to want clarity on what new technologies will mean for your operations, your profitability and your ongoing success. But we also understand that the sheer complexity of successful digital transformation leaves many people feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to take even the first step on their journey.

That’s why for this latest TerraLink newsletter, we’re taking a deliberate look at different enabling technologies, solutions, and how your enterprise can drive maximum benefit from them.

We start this month’s email with news of some well-deserved recognition for our partner OpenText and their Media Management product which has been labelled “best in class” in a new Forrester Wave report.

We look at three IT trends (including hyper-automation) and the impact they are having on business processes and the use of content. We consider the new capabilities and importance of intelligent capture in powering business productivity and compliance.

Lastly, we assess the impact of digital document transformation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Be safe. Wash your hands often, greet others by bumping elbows, and enjoy the read!


Alert to Documentum D2 4.6 Users

Current maintenance period for OpenText™ Documentum D2 4.6 ending April 1, 2020

Following the support lifecycle policy published on the OpenText website, OpenText™ Documentum D2 4.6 is entering the sustaining maintenance phase of its product lifecycle on April 1, 2020.

With the transition of Documentum D2 4.6 to the sustaining maintenance phase of its product lifecycle, customers will need to upgrade to version 16.7 (EP7) to obtain the latest content updates and remain on a fully supported version. Extended Support is required for continued technical support for product versions in Sustaining Maintenance.

Upgrading to Documentum Version 16.7
Version 16.7 offers significant enhancements to Documentum D2, including:

  • The new D2 Smart View client for casual D2 users to search, consume and create content on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • New D2 Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • Leverage cloud-native technologies to simplify deployments and upgrades.
  • Many new configuration options to give business greater flexibility when configuring solutions.
  • Security and performance improvements.

TerraLink has the expert Documentum consultants to guide and assist your organization through the upgrade process. Contact us at