July 2021

It’s safe to say that we have come a long way in the first six months of 2021! While worldwide we are not completely out of the woods with the pandemic, seeing major sporting events like the Euro 2020 Championship, the Tour de France, the NBA and NHL playoffs, and the Tokyo Olympics moving forward gives us a sense of real optimism that the healthcare measures and vaccines are working to contain the virus. At a more micro level, the volume of ‘We’re Hiring’ signs, an uptick in travel, and the reintroduction of waiting lines for restaurants is a clear sign that the economy is trending up.

With better economic conditions in mind, in this edition of Content Matters we first focus on
hyperautomation - covering everything from what is hyperautomation to how business processes enabled with BPA, AI, ML and RPA are impacting business expectations and results. To expand on hyperautomation, we look at how Low-code Application Platforms enable these intelligent business process automations and how organizations are using LCAP to modernize key business processes.

Next, we delve into
protecting your most valuable content from the risks of organizational data leaks. We look at how collaboration and information sharing can co-exist with protecting content, policy-driven permissions, and strong data encryption.

Lastly, we highlight one industry that is undergoing radical transformations - in part due to the capabilities of digitalization with hyperautomation driving a modernization of how business is conducted.

No matter if your personal interests are Fútbol, the uneven parallel bars, the 400M hurdles, the hammer throw, the steeplechase, cycling, or another activity, there will hopefully be plenty to satisfy your interests in the summer of 2021.

Enjoy the read and be sure to let us know what you are interested in having covered in future Content Matters editions.

Brian Lee
Vice President ECM, North America

What is Hyperautomation and Why Do I Need It?
You may have heard the buzzword hyperautomation, but what is it? Hyperautomation can be thought of as the offspring of business process management paired with the capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence. When applied to the workflows that are the backbone of business operations, the result is a continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality in the automation of the processes.

Isn’t that just business process automation (BPA), you ask? In some ways, yes. But where the BPA exercise is typically performed periodically (if even that often), hyperautomation leverages the learning capabilities of AI with datasets to continuously refine and improve the automation of the business process. The improvements become that much more dramatic when applied to legacy back-end systems running outdated and duplicate data flows.
TerraLink implements hyperautomation solutions that improve the bottom line through intelligent business automation. Real impacts realized by clients through:

  • Turning incoming documents into data directly consumable by your business applications
  • Producing powerful overviews of recent activity with audit and exception reporting
  • Minimizing the influence of the human factor in the error control process
  • Leveraging adaptive recognition and classification to increase automation accuracy
  • Reducing the execution time of key business processes

Read about several hyperautomation use cases and learn more in  How AI is helping to drive business process optimization.

Corporate investments in modernizing business processes have surged due to the necessity of the pandemic-forced remote work force and the evolving user experience expectations of customers and vendors. A new technology tool is increasingly being leveraged to facilitate the business process orchestration – Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP). LCAP enriched with graphical modelling and strong integration capabilities enables the rapid reengineering and automation of tasks and workflows in the key business processes. Some LCAP are also multi-experience development platforms, further increasing their value in increasing the ease and utility of the user experience.  
TerraLink are experts with the leading LCAP products, including AppWorks by OpenText and Zenith by ASG Technologies.

It’s never been easier to share business information and collaborate — and, likewise, it has never been riskier, costlier, and more embarrassing to experience a data leak. Data leaks can be extremely damaging to an organization’s reputation and bottom line. Microsoft’s answer to this dilemma is Azure Information Protection (AIP). Now, OpenText™ Extended ECM broadens its best-in-class integration with Office 365 to detect AIP-protected content and elegantly record the content and policy controls.
TerraLink implements OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ to enable secure management of corporate data and information.

The utilities industry is currently undergoing a radical transformation. Whether the utility be electricity, gas, renewables or water, the capabilities of digitalization are driving a modernization in how business is conducted. Digital data and technologies have opened opportunities for the industry's modernization and how they engage with their customers.
TerraLink implements leading solutions for the utilities industry based on world-class technologies from SAP, OSIsoft, Microsoft, OpenText and ASG Technologies. Learn more about the
TerraLink portfolio of leading solutions for the utilities industry.