Some Typical Issues that IT Department Can Struggle in their Day-to-day Work

  • Certified OpenText system administration personnel can be difficult to hire.
  • Hard to retain IT personnel with the knowledge and certifications to manage all the different modules with an OpenText ECM system
  • System performance issues when the system is not maintained properly. Performance issues can compound upon each other
  • Upgrades can be challenging
  • Don’t know where to go to get knowledge expertise, technical assistance.
  • Getting priority access to support staff to resolve offline system or performance issue.
  • Unplanned ECM system down time
  • System interruptions caused by actions taken by System Administrator(s) or other IT personnel

With IT organizations recognizing the benefits of managed services, growing numbers are handing over the administration, maintenance and enhancements of their enterprise content management solutions to TerraLink thereby benefiting from TerraLink’s extensive OpenText and Microsoft expertise. In response, TerraLink has expanded the TerraCare expert services and full-service managed services offerings available as on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

With today’s challenges, IT departments and the user community have neither the training nor the resources to perform day-to-day service requests and maintenance for their ECM system. These are long-term, line-of-business systems that need expert services to optimize the system availability to the business.

TerraLink TerraCare is a program of Managed Services offerings for operational support of customer’s OpenText ECM software deployments and associated solutions.

Throughout the crisis forcing large numbers of users to work remotely, the TerraCare team has ensured business continuity for our managed services customers. Whether in periods of crisis or in everyday operations, TerraCare managed services permit organizations to concentrate on their core business and relieve the load on IT as TerraLink makes sure the content management systems run continuously around the clock.

Key TerraCare Program elements highlights

One-Time Services Transition

Services Program Management 
  • Primary services liaison (single point of contact)
  • Incident escalation manager within TerraLink and OpenText Support organizations
  • Priority incident-handling
  • ITIL Aligned Service Management
Expert Technical Assistance
  • Onsite and/or remote technical assistance by TerraLink Technical Specialists
  • Remote proactive support (OpenText and covered 3rd party partner products)
  • Ready access to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

TerraLink Monitoring Tool for the OpenText Applications
Ongoing Maintenance & Optimization
  • Proactive Health Checks, Performance Audits, Capacity Planning and much more
  • System Management Tools

Optional Services
  • On-site service management and knowledge transfer to Customer’s support and IT teams
  • 24x7 support for critical issues
  • Customization support

The standard TerraCare programs can be tailored to meet all individual needs of our customers.

The TerraCare program has four-tiered service offerings (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) to meet each customer’s specific support needs.

If you already have an existing ECM system or just starting on the path to one, consider using TerraLink’s TerraCare Managed Services.

The many benefits of TerraCare include:

  • Dedicated, on-site, on-call, or remote support for users, leading to improved overall productivity as issues and questions are successfully resolved quickly
  • A higher level of system availability through TerraLink managing system upkeep and maintenance
  • Reduced system outages and security threats by implementing TerraLink’s proprietary Preventative Care application which monitors key system aspects to negate preventable issues
  • Access for business users and departments to industry best practices and knowledge based on the TerraLink’s team extensive, in-depth business and technical acumen
  • Expertise in business process automation, records management, compliance, and information governance leading to faster implementations and business value
  • TerraCare increases overall user satisfaction, leading to greater user adoption of the system
  • Lower cost of ownership and a greater return on investment, through reduced operating costs, increased productivity, and greater overall system usage

TerraLink Managed Services provide a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses related to your enterprise content management systems.

TerraCare benefits summary

Lower operational costs and improve productivity – Take advantage of economies of scale, free up internal staff for higher value activities without added overhead

Reduce risk – Quickly and effectively react to IT labor shortages, keep up with the latest patches, increased application complexity and the rapid rate of business change

Tailored Solution – TerraLink recognizes the unique needs of your staff and solution, your TerraCare team is trained specifically on your solution and addresses each need with your specific solution in mind

Sustained Growth – Out-tasking your OpenText IT needs allows you to focus on your business without juggling day to day IT operations

Maximize Productivity and Efficiencies – Leverage TerraLink OpenText application subject matter expertise to maximize the business benefits of the rich solution capabilities

For high-quality 24/7 service, the TerraLink Managed Services program provides convenient functionality of the TerraLink Monitoring Tool. And for effective business TerraLink offers the system TerraCare Days.

TerraCare Days

If you have already launched or rolled out your OpenText solution and need post-go-live assistance, you can access specialist support through TerraCare Days (TC Days).

TC Days offer everything from proactive consulting to reactive technical assistance, including:

  • Subject matter expert assistance (on-site or remote)
  • Service management tasks
  • Short-term staff augmentation
  • Migration/upgrade assistance
  • Best practices consultation
  • Health checks
  • Performance checks
  • Capacity planning
  • On-call support/services
  • Patch planning/application
  • Deep-dive troubleshooting

Think of TC Days as a ‘bucket of hours’ that can be used for tactical, technical assistance – without the need for a formal engagement or statement of work. They give you a level of flexibility in budgeting for the unforeseen needs that occur throughout the year.

How it works

You can purchase your TC Days up front. This allows you to best budget for the many unforeseen demands that occur throughout the year. Just contact your TerraCare coordinator or manager and let them know your current needs. They will assign an appropriate resource to fulfil your need on a priority basis. You use only the time needed for the task at hand and can access your TC Days as often as needed.

TC Days are valid during the annual term of the program. Unused TC Days do not carry over to the next annual term. TerraCare customers may purchase additional TC Days at a reduced program rate.

TerraLink Preventative Care Monitoring Tool

TerraLink Preventative Care (TPC) is a monitoring system for the five key OpenText ECM components: Content Server, Archive Center, OTDS, Blazon, and BRAVA!.

It monitors, audits and analyzes services, system configurations, installation files and patch levels to maximize performance and minimize ECM business disruptions.

TPC can automatically perform tests, validations and comparisons across your production and non-production environments. Alerts generated by TPC are sent to the appropriate resources to be addressed as incidents. Often, issues can be identified and corrected before end users are impacted or aware of such issues. This proactive monitoring and preventative care does not replace the automatic infrastructure monitoring carried out by your IT support organization; it complements it.

Why use TerraLink Preventative Care?
  • System services – monitor critical ECM system services while they are running
  • Compare configurations – .INI configuration across instances in the cluster
  • Audit configuration – configuration changes across instances in the cluster
  • Audit patch changes – patch changes across instances in the cluster
  • Compare installation files – modules and patches across instances in the cluster
  • Event monitoring dashboard – recent events from instances in the cluster
  • Email notifications – when events are triggered
  • Customer hub – TPC is interfaced with TerraLink’s TeamSupport Customer Hub to automatically log alerts, and track system issues and resolutions

TPC is licensed as an annual subscription. TerraLink Preventative Care currently supports OTCS and Archive Center 16.x.

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