Drive Increased User Adoption and Significant Productivity Gains with an Open Upgrade

Plan and implement the latest OpenText and SAP ECM releases to keep your solutions secure and to leverage the latest technology capabilities to enable business productivity and ensure compliance.

Making the decision to upgrade strengthens your future across multiple business needs such as secure document sharing and searching, regulatory compliance, and audit support.

The latest OpenText release has a range of new features and functions that have been proven to drive increased user adoption, enable productivity gains, and support broader use cases.

Whatever the issue, there has never been a better time to upgrade to the latest version of Content Server. Instead of wasting significant financial resources maintenance payments that no longer deliver ongoing support when you need it, taking the decision to upgrade can strengthen your future across several business needs, such as secure document sharing and searching, as well as regulatory compliance audit support.

OpenText™ also provides a range of new features and functionalities that have been proven to drive increased user adoption, productivity gains, and broader use cases.

Ensuring maximum business value from your upgrade

Undertaking an upgrade is a major decision, so it is crucial to have an upgrade partner you can trust. TerraLink’s global expertise can assist you with upgrade planning and services, verifying successful upgrade integrations with your existing systems and applications, and replacing legacy customization. So rather than simply ensuring your enterprise operations remain compliant, the TerraLink team helps you drive maximum business value from your upgrade.

Our fixed-price assessments are built on a foundation of wide industry expertise, taking into account bespoke issues such as customizations through workflows, custom modules and integrations with other systems; how your users access, use and interact with your system and what they enjoy about it; and where potential enhancements could improve your user experience, drive greater efficiencies and deliver significant business value.

Furthermore, our in-depth knowledge of OpenText™ software means we are able to complete your upgrade with a holistic view, including maintaining and developing the process automations your staff need for an efficient and profitable working practice.

What other aspects of the upgrade can TerraLink assist with?

Working with TerraLink on your OpenText™ upgrade allows you to benefit from our:

  • Product knowledge of integrated vendor systems across CRM, ERP, Capture or Collaboration solutions.
  • Planning and delivery expertise of new features and functionalities, adding real value to your business and potentially replacing existing but dated customizations.
  • Collaborative software expertise, with detailed understanding and experience of Microsoft®, SAP®, Kofax® and other vendor solutions regularly integrated with OpenText™ Content Suite.
OpenText Content Suite 21.x Upgrade

OpenText Content Server 21.1 was released in early 2021. Depending on what OTCS release you currently have in production, you should have a upgrade plan ready to execute well before your production release goes out of sustaining maintenance. TerraLink has the experience and knowledge to assist your organization in planning the upgrade path and timeline from your current production release of OTCS.


Why choose TerraLink for your OpenText upgrade?

For more than 25 years, we have helped organizations around the world implement enterprise IT solutions focused on stability, scalability and innovation. Our work around the world gives us an international perspective and ensures we are capable of quickly determining the optimal solution to fit your circumstances.

More than 200,000 users benefit from TerraLink ECM solutions

A team of 200+ skilled professionals are ready to implement your solution

The average TerraLink team member has 11.4 years’ experience

TerraLink has been an OpenText Platinum partner since 2009

Our portfolio includes both cloud and on-premise implementations

Guaranteed stability, scalability and innovation

Talk to an expert to learn how your business could benefit by upgrading your OpenText systems.

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