Enhance Productivity and Compliance with Data and Document Archiving for SAP®

You’ve made the decision to modernize your SAP® legacy ERP system with the transition to S/4HANA®. Make another great decision to reduce your TCO and improve system performance by archiving the historical content in your SAP® ECC system. With every completed transaction, the volume of data to be securely stored expands. Smart organizations archive the older data and documents to reduce storage costs which become substantial with S/4HANA®.

Not archiving data and documents can also have negative impacts on system performance, preventing users from working efficiently and causing delays to business activities such as order and invoice processing.  As the database grows, it demands more administrative effort to ensue the upkeep.  Upgrades involve significant downtime, while back-ups and restorations take increasingly longer periods of time.

TerraLink's data and documents archiving solution, which is based on the SAP® Archiving Documet Access application by OpenText™, provides an elegant, afficient and seamless way to manage and maintain your ever-growing volume of enterprise content.

Customer value mapping for document access and archiving solutions

There are compelling reasons this is a top-selling archiving solution, starting with organizations migrating from ECC to S/4HANA®. Archiving reduces the database size, improves performance, and provides convenient access to all archived data directly through the SAP® interface, with user-friendly folder views ensuring continuous and straightforward access to both SAP® and non-SAP business documents. It can run with either SAP S/4HANA® or SAP® Business Suite software and provides online or offline views of archived data across applications and processes.

What are the common challenges of data and document archiving?

Today, businesses around the world face escalating content handling costs due to 90 percent of all business content being unstructured. This results in high operating and cost-per-transaction costs, and negatively impacts an organization’s profitability on an ongoing basis.

At the same time, IT departments are under constant pressure to do more with less. They are challenged to drive down the organization’s TCO while simultaneously maintaining access to data stored in costly legacy systems and minimizing the business’s future storage and infrastructure costs.

What can be achieved with TerraLink’s data and document archiving for SAP® solution?

TerraLink’s data and documents archiving solution can help organizations achieve a remarkable trifecta: increasing efficiency, reducing TCO, and ensuring ongoing compliance and risk reduction. Its full text search facility provides a 360° view of all data and documents, instantly improving compliance processes by providing long-term storage of data and documents in an environment that facilitates fast accessibility.

Business documents can be integrated with SAP® transactions, while data files can be securely stored and archived in a durable, tamper-proof format. Users have the flexibility to schedule archiving runs for defined periods, or simply conduct them on an ad hoc basis that aligns with their organization’s existing policies.

  • By reducing its annual storage costs, one client saved US$ 30,000 per Terabyte.
  • Another saved US$ 1,200,000 per year on operational costs due to legacy systems decommissioning.
  • And another saw the size of its database reduced by 37% to just 2.7TB.
What other benefits are available to TerraLink Data and Document Archiving for SAP® users?

TerraLink’s data and documents archiving solution is an enterprise-level system that provides quick and easy access to SAP® data and documents in business process views. By providing a compliant archiving platform, it enables businesses to reduce both their operational and legal risks, while high availability, replication and disaster recovery protect you from the risk of a significant data loss.

By using SAP® Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM®), organizations can successfully facilitate the permanent decommissioning of legacy systems, saving costs without losing access to historic information. And system consolidations, upgrades and migrations can be quickened by combining core SAP® archiving functionality with TerraLink’s solution to reduce the size, administration and resource consumption of an SAP® database.

TerraLink’s data and documents archiving solution can also:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT systems by avoiding the need to add costly hardware drives to cope with increasing SAP® content databases.
  • Maintain the health and performance of your SAP® system by securely archiving older data while minimizing future data growth.
  • Enhance security and governance by delivering an environment that keeps current and historic corporate information safe while simultaneously providing instant access to files.
  • Reduce storage costs through the digitization of paper files, scanning documents directly into your SAP system and eliminating the need for physical storage space.

Why choose TerraLink for your data and document archiving for SAP solution?

For more than 25 years, we have helped organizations around the world implement enterprise IT solutions focused on stability, scalability and innovation. We’ve completed more than 150 major ECM projects in seven countries across three continents, giving us an international perspective and enabling us to quickly determine the optimal solution to fit your circumstances.

More than 200,000 global users benefit from TerraLink ECM solutions

A team of 200+ skilled professionals are ready to implement your solution

The average TerraLink team member has 11.4 years’ experience

TerraLink has been an OpenText™ Platinum partner since 2009

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Guaranteed stability, scalability and innovation

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