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Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP

100% successful projects, the highest responsibility level and significant attention to customer requirements and company reputation

15 years: TerraLink has been implementing and maintaining SAP solutions

130 SAP professionals on staff, 30 of which are certified. As well as certified project managers

SAP Business Suite

SAP Business Suite

Advantages of working with TerraLink:

  • Operates in Northern America, Europe, CIS and Middle East
  • Has certified project managers
  • Provides highly skilled developers
  • Uses ASAP methodology

We help to improve:

  • Enterprise asset management
  • Planning and budgeting in your enterprise
  • Financial reporting consolidation
  • Purchasing: To make it more effective and reduce expenses
  • Business figure analysis
  • Safety of employees’ and company assets

More than 50 clients in the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Public sector
  • Telecommunication
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing


As a certified training center, TerraLink provides SAP training programs for its clients.
SAP Preferred Training Partner


MEE Partner
Excellence Award of SAP

The best SAP Partner
in CIS region