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Enterprise Content Management with OpenText and Documentum

With TerraLink, you establish the award-winning back-office team for OpenText solution design, development, implementation and support. We are proud to confirm our many partner statuses OpenText, SAP and other global content management solutions:

  • OpenText Partner Platinum
  • OpenText Partner Support
  • OpenText Partner SAP Competence
  • OpenText Global Reseller of the Year in 2016

OpenText SAP solutions empower customers with the capability to streamline business processes, such as xECM, Digital Asset Management, Archiving, Document Access, Vendor Invoice Management, Employee File Management.

TerraLink business expertise helps clients to cover Engineering Document Management, Contract Management, Case Management, Digital Oil Field, to name just a few.

TerraLink expertise

TerraLink are ECM experts, having working in document and content management for over 20 years, and completing hundreds of projects with a combined total of more than 50,000 users.

We deliver best of breed Enterprise Content Management systems to facilitate enterprise value, raising efficiency, cost cutting, compliance and enabling better decision making.

Working on the market recognized industrial ECM platforms from SAP, OpenText, Documentum and Microsoft, we guarantee stability, scalability and innovation.

Our over 100 experienced consultants on staff are battle verified on the projects based on OpenText Content Suite, SAP Extended ECM, Microsoft SharePoint and other favored industrial ECM/EDMS platforms, including the legacy ones.

TerraLink solutions

All solutions provided by TerraLink are tailored neatly for your business needs depending of your industry and your current market challenges.

Our Engineering Document Management will help you to minimize project risks of your Capital Projects and secure the quality and completeness of drawings and other documents from your designers’ teams.

Our Operational Document Management solutions provide automation of ongoing documentation to facilitate enterprise asset maintenance on all stages of their lifecycle – from commission to decommission and to minimize unplanned downtime & outages and guarantee the highest possible effectiveness of your equipment.

Many more of our proved document automation solutions for Contract Management, Government Relationship Management, Digital Oil Field and more will help you not to just enable collaboration, but to achieve better results for your initiatives in digital transformation of your enterprise.

TerraLink experience

TerraLink has wide experience integrating ECM solutions into the enterprise core ERP and other LOB systems like SAP ERP, Oracle EBS, JDE, IBM Maximo and others to achieve maximum value of information and content.

Implementation of products from OpenText ECM Extensions for SAP such as Vendor Invoice Management, Employee File Management, Digital Assets Management, Document Access & Archiving and others, deliver the benefits of management of structured and unstructured information, providing your valuable business content in the most valuable context of the mission critical ERP system.

Whether you need a full-scale implementation or just an extension of an existing solution, our award winning and talented team of experienced consultants, analysts, engineers, developers and trainers will ensure the success of your project.

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OpenText 2016
Global Reseller of the Year